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"Should I Exercise When I'm Sick? Thoughts From A Doctor Who ...


Nov 29, 2014 ... ... I get asked whether or not exercising when you're sick with a cold is a ... Stay out of the gym, if you are coughing and wheezing your way ...

Can I Exercise When I'm Sick? - Fitness Center - EverydayHealth.com


Jul 23, 2009 ... If your symptoms appear above the neck (runny nose, sneezing, sore throat), then yes, you can continue with a low-intensity workout. Studies ...

I'm Sick, Can I Exercise? / Fitness - FitDay


Most people think that if they ignore their present ill feeling, it will just simply disappear. Well, this can be the case for some but definitely does not apply for all.

I Have A Cold: Should I Work Out? - Bodybuilding.com


Apr 8, 2015 ... Reader beware, high intensity exercise such as heavy weight lifting or high intensity aerobic training has been shown to ... If you have a: ... Nothing wrong with working out when your sick...except you get other people sick.

Exercise when sick: Should you sweat it out? - Precision Nutrition


In general, a low to moderate intensity workout will leave you feeling energized. A high intensity workout, on the other hand, delivers an ass-kicking. If you're sick  ...

Exercise While Sick - Expert Advice from Prevention.com | Prevention


You can exercise while sick if your symptoms are all above the neck, like a runny nose or a sore throat. Of course, you should always listen to your body and take ...

Exercise and illness: Work out with a cold? - Mayo Clinic


If you have a cold and feel miserable, take a break. Scaling back or taking a few days off from exercise when you're sick shouldn't affect your performance.

Should you exercise when sick? 5 reasons not to - fitknitchick


Oct 10, 2012 ... The question 'should you exercise when sick' is one I hear frequently. .... As I mentioned on your FB page, I work out if I have the sniffles or just am .... Im a RESTER from the workout cuz we moms get no RESTING from life.

Can I Work Out When I'm Sick? - HealthStatus


It can be hard to know when it's okay to work out and when it's not. Below are five questions to ask yourself to determine if you should suck it up or sit it out.

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Can I Work Out If I'm Sick? - Total Gym Pulse Health and Fitness Blog


Oct 29, 2014 ... These tips will help you determine whether or not it's safe and healthy to exercise while you are sick with a cold or flu.

Exercising When Sick: A Good Move? - WebMD


"The danger is exercising and raising your body temperature internally if you already have a fever, because that can make you even sicker," he tells WebMD.

Why You Shouldn't Work Out When You're Sick | Breaking Muscle


exercising when sick, should you exercise when sick, working out while sick ... sort of sick (for example, a cold), it does no harm to work out and if it feels good, ...

Should I Work Out If I'm Sick? | LIVESTRONG.COM


Jun 8, 2015 ... You're a regular visitor at the fitness club to improve your health and fitness level. But now you're sick and you're wondering if...

Training Q&A: Should You Exercise When You're Sick? | Men's Fitness


A sore throat, achy muscles and a runny nose can make you miserable, but if you still have the energy to exercise, should you? Aside from infecting everyone ...