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Feb 13, 2014 ... You know lack of sleep can make you grumpy and foggy. You may not know what it can do to your sex life, memory, health, looks, and ability to lose weight. Here are 10 ... Lack of Sleep Kills Sex Drive. Sleep specialists say ...


Feb 6, 2015 ... The short answer? Yes, total sleep deprivation can almost certainly kill you. What's less clear is how it does it.


Oct 27, 2015 ... The effects of sleep deprivation go beyond a groggy morning. ... this condition can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you're behind the wheel. ... experiments, researcher found that total sleep deprivation could kill lab rats.


May 11, 2009 ... It's possible that given enough time, sleep deprivation can kill you. While no human being is known to have died from staying awake, animal ...


While trying to get as many tasks done as possible, we often cut down on activities that are essential for our wellbeing such as exercise, eating healthy and worst ...


Mild sleep deprivation can also be a problem. ... While not sleeping won't kill you directly, it will cause a slow death in those who progressively don't get help.


Jun 27, 2012 ... And remember that even if you don't go a day or days without sleep, not getting enough each night can lead to a number of health risks, such ...


Mar 13, 2012 ... There's no denying things gets ugly when we go without sleep, but could lack of sleep kill you?


Aug 1, 2011 ... You know you should get a good night's sleep, but did you know how dangerous it can be if you don't?