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Sep 2, 2016 ... Many people question whether or not if pre-ejaculate or "precum" can get someone pregnant. Learn the truth on if that is actually a possibility.


Our getting pregnant section includes everything you need to know about getting ... Many people question whether or not if pre-ejaculate or “precum” can get ...


Precum itself does not contain any sperm and can therefore not cause ... would then contain sperm), and together would have a chance to cause pregnancy.


Sep 19, 2012 ... The first time I ever heard the term “pre-cum,” formally known as ... in my eighth grade health class asked, “Can a girl get pregnant from pre-cum? ... that pre-cum is just as likely as sperm-filled semen to cause a pregnancy, ...


Jul 10, 2007 ... Jess. asks: Can a woman become pregnant off of pre-cum fluid alone? ... Do we know that pre-ejaculate fluid can contain sperm? Yes, we do.


The short answer is: Yes, you can get pregnant from precum. ... (like hepatitis) can be contained in a spermatozoon itself, thus causing vertical transmission of ...


Apr 11, 2011 ... There is a chance a woman could get pregnant with precum. ... Since the spermatozoa can survive and remain motile in the urethra and on top .... emotional challenges that brings can cause you a lot of distress into adult life.


How often can Pre-cum cause Pregnancy? The chances of getting pregnant from pre cum are higher if there has been a previous ejaculation and you are having ...


Only in very rare cases can precum cause pregnancy by itself. According to various doctors, pre-ejaculation is necessary to make vagina and urethra less acidic.