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Todd Gallagher


Todd Gallagher is an American director, author, and comedian. He is best known for his comedic commentary and elaborate social experiments. He has worked with ESPN and is known for his book "An...

ESPN.com: Page 2 : The haters can't handle the truth


You don't like the NBA style of play (which I don't). ... This team is being discussed unfairly in the media and being treated unfairly by American sports fans.

Do Professional Athletes Need To Be Represented By Sports Agents?


Jul 27, 2015 ... Professional athletes have recently focused on the importance (or lack thereof) of ... There are very few agents who are equipped to handle the daily needs of all of their ... However, this could not be any further from the truth. ... parallel the common fan, such as Gatorade, DirecTV and Papa John's Pizza.

The Dirty Truth About Sports Fan Gear | Postconsumers Facts


Mar 2, 2015 ... The Dirty Truth of Sports Fan Merchandise ... Just walk around any city or town that has a college or professional sports team of any kind. ... It's because consumer-centric fans will then want to purchase those uniforms so that ...

Sports Complex: The Science Behind Fanatic Behavior - Association ...


May 5, 2006 ... So being a fan can't be all about a team's winning performance. ... cited, as Wann finds in his research on college and professional sports fans.

For Many Sports Fans, It's Not 'Just A Game' - Live Science


Jan 30, 2014 ... As super-fans sit down to watch the big game on Sunday, emotional pathways stretching ... Psychiatrist and professor Ken Yeager counsels both professional athletes and fans on how to handle the emotions of sporting events. ... The clues of what's happening to sports fans can be traced back to the 'fight or ...

How the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry Turns Fans Into Suckers - The ...


Jan 6, 2016 ... It's not the most glamorous way to spend my time, but what can I do? ... Since the start of this N.F.L. season, I have lost roughly $1,900 on .... in the D.F.S. industry since its inception and goes by the handle CrazyGabey. ..... In truth, D.F.S. is more like the stock market, with athletes instead of commodities.

The 25 Best Cities to Be a Sports Fan | Bleacher Report


Dec 29, 2014 ... Over the last five months, Bleacher Report has taken on an experiment to find the best cities in North America to be a sports fan. First, we ...

Sports, Fans and Stress - Dealing with Stress and Anxiety ...


Oct 16, 2013 ... How can anyone, male or female, turn their backs on sports? ... Over the years, several studies have shown that sports fans of teams that lose ...

''Can You Handle My Truth?'': Authenticity and the Celebrity Star Image


But the question is, can you handle it? Can you handle ... celebrity images are not confined to their professional appearances, for. The Journal of Popular ...

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Sports: What makes NFL fans get so depressed, angry, and ... - Quora


Jan 21, 2015 ... Most social scientists who study the psychology of sports fans would say that it has to ... On the flip side, if they lose, it will increase feelings of anger and depression. Who Are We ... But the term "die-hard football fan" may reveal some strange truth. .... How can I handle this situation without any kind...

Why Sports Fans are Sports Fans - Wait But Why


To non-sports fans, caring about sports makes no sense. If you're a sports fan, ... You can deny it all you want, but part of you wants to do this. And sitting there on .... This is very fascinating, You're a very professional blogger. I have joined your  ...

Truth About Fans launch - McCANN Truth Central


Oct 22, 2014 ... Goodbye to Animal Psychics – With initiatives like the NFL's Next Generation ... This could herald a new democratic era, enabling fans to play ...