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Feb 19, 2013 ... For CT screening for lung cancer, raising the nodule size to 7 or 8 mm as ... a more intensive workup could result in fewer false-positive results.


Recently, the National Lung Screening Trial (13) showed that low-dose CT .... nodule with a volume doubling time (VDT) of 460 days will only increase to 6 mm ... mm (mean of maximal diameter and width) may reduce the false positive rate and .... that ionising radiation is a cause of cancer without a lower “dose” threshold, ...


Lung-RADS may substantially reduce the false-positive result rate; however, ... This effort included defining a positive result on lung cancer screening CT in the most ... Lung-RADS increases the size threshold for a positive baseline screening ... increase suspicion for cancer (such as enlarged lymph nodes) can qualify as ...


Although lung cancer does occur in non-smokers, there is a much higher risk in ... that screening for lung cancer with low-dose CT can result in an increase in the ..... and using this threshold would have resulted in fewer false positive referrals.


Does not specify that Medicare provides full national coverage .... Lung Cancer CT Screening & False Positives .... effect of alternative thresholds for defining a positive ... “Raising the nodule size threshold for a (+) screen would substantially.


The USPSTF recommends annual screening for lung cancer with low-dose computed ... screening program, further imaging can resolve most false-positive results; ... In current and former smokers, age-specific incidence rates increase with age .... ages at which to start and stop screening, and thresholds for smoking history ...