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The military medical standards for joining the military with a history of asthma ... There are multiple conditions that can disqualify someone from military service.

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Here are some frequently asked questions from our Joining the Military discussion board. ... Lying at MEPS; Is asthma a disqualifying condition? ..... making stupid mistakes that can end his career and/or get someone seriously hurt or killed.

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We've since learned that childhood asthma can be different than that which ... a low-risk approach to giving mild asthmatics an opportunity for military service. ... their thirteenth birthday and Asthmatic not be able to join, with their condition pass ...

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I know someone who had asthma as a toddler, but has virtually ... and then if you start having asthma problems they can't blame you ... the asthma dx was on the record, it could hurt his chances of joining later down the line.

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Jun 14, 2011 ... I am currently 15 years of age and I have asthma. I am determined, physically fit and my academics are good. I have been reading a few other ...

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Jun 16, 2016 ... Standards for childhood asthma, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention ... Can I Join the Military if I Have a Disqualifying Issue?

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... if you can join any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces with asthma/allergies. ... There might be some jobs or branches that would take someone ...

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Jan 23, 2013 ... But yes you can, but honestly, dont do it if your asthma is bad, cause boot will be to .... Refused employment my the military for having asthma?

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Can Individuals with ADHD Join the Military ... of ADHD or taking medication to treat ADHD disqualifies someone from entering the military service. ... For example, disorders such as asthma, diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic bronchitis, ...

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I would like to serve in the US military as a physician after medical school. My. ... Is this an absolute no go even if I want to join as a doctor? ... It's not really a problem - I can PT fine, but when I was a high school/college athlete, ...

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Can I Join The Army With Asthma? - MilitarySpot.com


There are multiple conditions that can disqualify someone from Army service. ... PDQ stands for Permanently Disqualified for military service. ... symptoms or been treated for asthma later than his 13th birthday, he may still be allowed to join but ...

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The answer is a provisional "maybe." I was rejected for USMC Duty due to asthma. I had to get ... Can someone with asthma join the armed forces? Can you join ...

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So i have gone to talk to a recruiter about joining the USAF. ... I'm still trying to look in to it, although i know no one can give me an actual answer ... I've NEVER seen a doctor at MEPS DQ for someone with asthma only before ...