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Curls Week - Why did my hair change from straight to curly? - Hair ...


Jul 11, 2014 ... As well as affecting the quality of your hair, hormones can change your ... Straight hair follicles grow straight out but curly hair follicles have a hook shape. ..... pin straight(age 8-13)now it really wavy and turning curly again (I'm ...

Why Does Hair Texture Change Throughout Life? - NaturallyCurly.com


But how a flat follicle turns round, and vice versa, is a mystery. ... Cancer patients often find that after chemotherapy, their once-straight hair grows in curly. ... Sometimes these changes can be extreme, says Torch, who has witnessed many a ...

Why does children's hair turn from straight to curly or curly to straight ...


"Even if you're born with symmetrical follicles, there are some ways in which straight hair can turn curly. Scientists have found that a cellular receptor called ...

Some Medical Reasons for Hair That Goes From Straight to Curly ...


Straight hair doesn't generally transform into curly hair but it can happen. ... Not only does hair turn gray, losing its pigment as you age, but aging alters the way ...

Why is my hair going curly?? | ProHealth Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and ...


I have always had dead straight hair but in the last few years since ... post menopause if my hair will stay in curl formation or will my hair turn wiry ... It is reported that the medication Sodium Valproate can cause hair to go curly.

Straight hair turning curly - Essential Day Spa


It turns out, it has a lot to do with getting the right cut. Yes, you can use the right products and scrunch away madly, but if your hair is curly under ...

A Hair Mystery: Curly Hair Gone Straight : NPR


Mar 19, 2009 ... Some people have straight hair and want curly hair. Others have curls and iron ... Getting To The Root Of Why Hair Turns Gray Feb. 27, 2009.

How to Make Frizzy or Curly Hair Into Straight Hair - wikiHow


Sometimes we want what we don't have, and if your hair is naturally curly or wavy , you may find ... How can I make wavy hair into permanent straight hair?

Home Remedies to Get Straight Hair | Top 10 Home Remedies


People who are not blessed with naturally straight hair often turn to chemical ... There are some ingredients in your kitchen that can help straighten your hair naturally. ... from the warm oil will relax the light wavy and curly pattern of your hair.

Can naturally curly hair turn straight? | Yahoo Answers


Apr 13, 2013 ... Best Answer: It's possible for it to get straighter. Hair changes all the time but I doubt your hair will ever become totally straight. For me the top of ...

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Why Does Hair Curl With Age? – Aging Bodies


Oct 3, 2014 ... Why did my hair turn from straight to curly? As it turns out, there are ... An under- active thyroid can cause brittle hair and hair loss. Androgen is ...

Style Solutions: When Your Hair Texture Changes - WebMD


Find out why your hair texture may be changing and what you can do to make the best of it. ... Over time, your hair may become curly, straight, thin, or coarse.

Suddenly have curly hair - PaleoHacks


May 10, 2011 ... My hair has decided to become curly. ... My hair went from mostly straight to super curly over the course of the past 6 months .... I can't explain it!