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Light tube


Light tubes or light pipes are physical structures used for transporting or distributing natural or artificial light for the purpose of illumination, and are examples of optical waveguides. In their...

Can Sunshine Light Skyscrapers Instead of Bulbs? - Scientific ...


Feb 4, 2013 ... Using the sun to light office buildings instead of electricity saves energy. But is it affordable?

A Nanotech Skylight That Looks Just Like the Sun Shining Overhead ...


Feb 18, 2015 ... Each CoeLux fixture attempts to model the sunlight of a specific place on earth. ... Engineers have previously tried to replicate the sun's spectrum in light bulbs. ... because it reproduces the natural light on the moon, and not on the ... buildings to become wider, Di Trapani believe CoeLux could allow for the ...



During the heating season, the heat gain from natural light can be useful. ... is to bring in indirect light (light that is reflected and not in a direct line to the sun). .... for retrofitting buildings, and improved mile-per-gallon standards for cars. ... But instead of a vacuum, the bulb contains a halogen gas, allowing the bulb to u...

Do plants grow as well under artificial light? | Human World | EarthSky


Sep 17, 2009 ... The sun, a torch, and a light bulb all emit energy in the form of particles ... Researchers can successfully grow plants using only artificial light in ...

Lighting Efficiency | Center for Climate and Energy Solutions


Lighting accounts for about 11 percent of energy use in residential buildings and ... using task lighting (e.g., a desk lamp) rather than room lighting can reduce the ... Increasing the amount of sunlight a building receives may also lead to high ... bulb is emitted as heat rather than light, making these bulbs the least efficient for  ...

How to Go Green: Lighting : TreeHugger


Nov 21, 2006 ... An LED light bulb can reduce energy consumption by 80-90% and last around ... you guessed it) the sun, which gives off free, full-spectrum light all day. ... dollars everywhere from hockey rinks, to Wal-Mart, to office buildings.

Building a Better Bulb: Lighting Revolution Advances by Dave Levitan


Jan 24, 2012 ... CFL bulbs, along with other technologies, can offer one or two decades of use, rather than the paltry year of most traditional incandescent lights. .... to Melbourne , a push is on to overhaul older buildings to make them more energy efficient. ..... As to health effects of the radiation, are people against sunlight?

In the shadows of booming cities, a tension between sunlight and ...


May 4, 2015 ... All of which will inevitably mean more shadow — or even shadows cast upon ... that city dwellers count on for light that doesn't come from a fluorescent bulb. ... This is also what creates space and light between buildings that might ... to sculpt their buildings with shadow in mind, to build up instead of out, ...

Winter Blues SAD and Lighting | Destination Lighting


... amount of daylight in buildings including thermal discomfort (overheating), glare, loss of privacy, ... SAD Lights vs. ... What SAD lights can do is provide soothing, glare-free, balanced spectrum light that can improve the quality of illumination in a room. ... Simulated sunlight sources including natural daylight bulbs, eyestrain...

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Lightbulb Frenzy in the 21st Century - Scientific American


Thomas Edison's incandescent lightbulb for commercial use received major upgrades in the past few years ... Can Sunshine Light Skyscrapers Instead of Bulbs?

The LED sun: artificial light completely mimics properties of natural ...


Mar 10, 2015 ... Suddenly, people could now stay up late, work, study or party without being at the mercy of ... The LED sun: artificial light completely mimics properties of natural sunlight ... In many ways, society was transformed by the advent of the light bulb. ... The result is spectacular – a LED light that looks like a skyline!

What Makes Grow Lights Different From The Lamps In Your House?


Sep 1, 2014 ... Why don't light bulbs, without the aid of the sun, do the same? ... (although these bulbs can provide the full spectrum of light needed to grow).