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Naira Marley – Hang Wit Me [Freestyle] Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


Hang Wit Me [Freestyle] Lyrics: M-m-more time you need to stop it with all that ... they have nonsense / Don't act up around dem we will shoot you up / Smoking on the ami shit. ... They'll kill you for 10 pounds and give me 9 pounds back

Chris Brown – Only (Funk Flex Freestyle) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


Only (Funk Flex Freestyle) Lyrics: Let's go Jaunito, lemme so, okay I got something / Caught a contact high / I'm running record labels 'til my ... When she giving me the neck, she gon' really get the check ... You can't fuck with these Nikes, nigga

Big L – 7 Minute Freestyle Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


7 Minute Freestyle Lyrics: Yo, I got slugs for snitches, no love for bitches / Putting thugs in ditches when ... And when I'm gone, you can still feel me, on the real, B

Jay Z – If I Can't (Freestyle) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


If I Can't (Freestyle) Lyrics: Nigga I can make four more albums off memory! / Ya'll ain't never goin ... Give me a boner Coach cater to a comma. Can't out hustle a ...

50 Cent – Just Fuckin' Around (Mase Freestyle) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


Just Fuckin' Around (Mase Freestyle) Lyrics: You can hum all you want to ... If you give me some head ... My nigga Tony give you some fucking head though

Bryson Tiller – How About Now Freestyle Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


How About Now Freestyle Lyrics: I'm up right now, got drank in my cup right now / Dank in my blunt right now / I can't give a fuck right now / Game need change, I'll turn that bitch upside down / I'm ... Ay, you would never give me play back then

NICKI MINAJ - The Pinkprint Freestyle lyrics


The complete The Pinkprint Freestyle lyrics by Nicki Minaj. ... I got a sign that say "Lames can't hang here" Bats eyelashes, blank ... Every time they count me out I be like, "You sane?" Bitch I come ... Shorty tryna give me brain like telepathy

Freestyle - Once In A Lifetime lyrics | LyricsMode.com


I know I already had a boyfriend but you give me some reason to like you because ... Once in a lifetime, that you will find the person that will make you complete ...

Tyga - Teach Me How To Freestyle Lyrics | MetroLyrics


Lyrics to 'Teach Me How To Freestyle' by Tyga. ... been sayin the wrong one / Lemme say it right for you / Ya'll need to be saying each me how to MC / ... Know why ? cause idont give a fuck at all ... You can have her heart I just want the cunt

No nigga like me (freestyle) lyrics

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Get lyrics of No nigga like me (freestyle) song you love. Learn every word to ... worried about none of these hoes / Can't no nigga shine like me / Can't no. ... Can 't no nigga put ... Tip hit a nigga up trying to give me grand hustle. All these niggas ...

Im mac maine and this young money you betta em
Straight out the hood a young hoodlum
Done what i shouldn't did but they said i couldnt
Hid where all the killas hid at
Im where the other hustlas slung at waitin on that get back More >>
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Tyga – Teach Me How To Freestyle Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


Teach Me How To Freestyle Lyrics: Nah you been sayin the wrong one ... Know why? cause I dont give a fuck at all ... I can't fuck your girl I got standards

Fabolous – Shook Ones Freestyle Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


Mar 28, 2015 ... Shook Ones Freestyle Lyrics: Yeah, DJ Clue? ... You got to fuck with my realness ... And give me mine, you don't want to see my stress look ... told me she said I'm just a vide that she can find nowhere else (you can't find it) (it's ...

Fetty Wap – Trap Niggas Freestyle Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


Trap Niggas Freestyle Lyrics: Like fuck what you heard, nigga, Zoo Gang winnin', baby / 1738 ... Bitch tryna fall in love now, bitch tryna give me a rub down