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Which Senses Do Robins Use to Find Worms? - Annenberg Learner


Is the robin looking, listening, feeling, smelling — or tasting? ... HEARING Dr. Heppner used very sensitive recording equipment to record the low-frequency ... Dr. Heppner concluded that robins don't seem to notice the smell of worms at all.

ROBINS and WORMS; Does the Bird Hear, See, Smell, or Feel the ...


About 15% to 20 % of a robin's diet is earthworms. So does the Robin hear the worm, see the worm, smell the worm or feel the worm vibrations? For years ...

Senses That Worms Use | Animals - mom.me


Nerve endings cover the worm's entire body so that he can feel vibrations and ... Worms also use these chemoreceptors to smell the air and their potential food source. ... so their sense of touch and vibration receptors compensate for their lack of hearing. Worms also have no eyes, so they cannot see their surroundings.

I Hear a Pickle: and Smell, See, Touch, & Taste It, Too!: Rachel ...


Buy I Hear a Pickle: and Smell, See, Touch, & Taste It, Too! on Amazon.com ... help us see even better!); with our skin we feel the rain (and learn not to touch the hot ..... you don't hear a worm and don't see a flower grow, why you can see when  ...

earthworm facts - Biology Junction

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Can earthworms smell? What do earthworms eat and how much can they eat in one day? ... How big do earthworms get? ... touch-sensitive organs (receptor cells ) to distinguish differences in light intensity and to feel vibrations in the ground.



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The plastic fantastic brain: Why losing one sense rewires others


Jan 19, 2016 ... Study finds worms that can't feel are better smellers — and the ... Blind people may hear better; the deaf can have a type of enhanced vision .... C. elegans worms do not have eyes, relying primarily on body touch to get around ...

STEM Mom: Can Worms Smell? Wormy Experiment


Oct 23, 2012 ... (food) If they do smell, do you think worms like some smells and not other smells? Would you like to test to see if worms can smell? Let's collect ...

Silkworm science FAQs - Sue Kayton


The book, Silkworms, by Sylvia Johnson, provides a tremendous amount of ... with lots of big silkworms, when you take the lid off, you can feel the heat that was ... with a "yellow-silk" silkworm moth, you get mostly yellow offspring and a few white ... Wild adult male silkmoths have an acute sense of smell, but I don't kn...

Catfish Senses and Sensibilities - In-Fisherman


Apr 11, 2014 ... The senses of taste and smell detect molecules of substances dissolved in water. ... Yet all catfish species see well, except of course the blind catfish species found in Texas. ... Catfish can hear sounds of much higher frequency (up to 13,000 ... We know rather little about sense of feel in fish, though certainly ...