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How Food Addiction Works (and What to do About it)


Highly processed junk foods can affect the same areas in the brain as drugs of ... If you've ever tried to cut back on junk food, you may have realized that it is ...

Food Addiction - A Serious Problem With a Simple Solution


Food addiction is, quite simply, being addicted to junk food in the same way as drug ... If you can relate to 6 or more, then you are most likely a food addict.

Quiz: Are You a Junk-Food Addict? | The Dr. Oz Show


Jul 15, 2015 ... A little snack here, a little nibble there, but you can stop any time, right? ... Take this quiz to find out if you're a secret junk-food addict and learn ...

Are You A Junk Food Addict? | Prevention


Jan 18, 2013 ... How to break the cycle. ... New research is illuminating how junk food works on our bodies, creating an addiction comparable to cocaine.

Break your junk-food addiction - CNN.com


Mar 27, 2014 ... Chances are you sometimes feel powerless when faced with your favorite junk foods. Fortunately, following a few key steps can help you ...

The 9 Most Dangerously Addictive Junk Foods - Men's Fitness


Food addiction is a real thing. Find out which eats are the worst triggers, plus how to overcome the temptation.

Junk Food Addiction - Huffington Post


It's no secret: When you buy Doritos, you're going to finish the entire bag. ... Junk Food Addiction Starts In The Womb, Study Says ... Betcha Can't Eat Just One.

I confess, I'm addicted to junk food! (I apologise about the bad ...


I confess, I'm addicted to junk food! (I apologise ... I could eat junk food all day every day though. I crave it, I ... You are probably thinking how bad can it be?

Break the Fast-Food Habit · Experience Life


Not only does fast food tend to be unhealthy, but some of its ingredients are downright addictive. Here's how to kick the habit.

Food Addiction Signs and Treatments - WebMD


Learn from WebMD about what food addiction is, the signs of being a food addict, and how to overcome the addiction.

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Articles About Food Addiction - Authority Nutrition


Junk foods can cause addiction in the same way as drugs of abuse. ... You can download it right here, without having to sign up with an e-mail address or ...

Researchers reveal diet that can kick junk food addiction - Daily Mail


Sep 1, 2014 ... You CAN train your brain to like healthy foods: Researchers reveal diet ... Brain scans showed it was possible to reverse addiction to junk food ...

Mindful Diet – How to Beat Food Addictions : zen habits


I was addicted to junk food, and regularly ate fast food, chips, sweets, fried food of all ... urge to eat the food — so strong, you can't resist, even if you're on a diet.