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Yes, a woman can get pregnant from pre-ejaculate.
Pre-ejaculation fluids carry both sperm and disease. Ejaculation does not have to occur for a pregnancy to result.

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Pregnancy is caused by semen (ejaculate or cum) or pre-cum getting inside the ... You can avoid pregnancy by not having sex or using both condoms and birth ...

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Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculation fluid? Answers from Roger W. Harms, M.D.. Yes. Pre-ejaculation fluid may contain sperm, which means that a woman ...

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Can you pregnant from precum? This is a frequently asked question for those who want to avoid pregnancy. There are also other common situations in which a  ...

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Read on to discover the chance of getting pregnant from pre-cum and how to decrease it. ... So what is the possibility that a woman will get pregnant from this pre-cum? ... be in the penis cavity and can be ejaculated through the pre-cum into the vagina. ... If you are worried about this risk then you should practice safe sex.

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When it comes to answering can you get pregnant from precum, the smallest window of opportunity may still exist, although no official scientific study has been  ...

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The sperm then travels with the pre-ejaculation and can cause pregnancy. ... more reliable ways to make sure that you don't get pregnant from pre-ejaculation.

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So it's unlikely but still possible to get pregnant from pre-cum. The most likely way to become pregnant is through unprotected vaginal intercourse. If you're ...

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Oct 2, 2014 ... http://www.GettingPregnantGuaranteed.org To a large extent, conception is still nature's purview. You can't really get pregnant anytime you ...

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So can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum)? Well...... as this fluid does not contain sperm it can't by itself cause a pregnancy.

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Dec 10, 2013 ... Myth 2: Pre-cum is safe—it doesn't have sperm in it. ... you have a pre-cum sample and awesome microscope skills, you can't tell which group a guy is in. .... lol no don't worry. it says 4 out of 100 woman a year get pregnant ...

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There are a number of situations or circumstances related to intercourse that leave people with many questions. Can you get pregnant with precum ...

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It's possible, but not likely, and it really depends on the situation and the person. Pre-cum or pre-ejaculatory fluid is released when a guy gets an erection.

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So can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum)? Well...... as this fluid does not contain sperm it can't by itself cause a pregnancy. However as the  ...

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Dec 15, 2014 ... Get Alice! In Your Box. You are here ... argument about whether or not a woman could get pregnant from a man's pre-cum... so can she or not?