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Feb 20, 2017 ... In short, it is 100% possible to find work in Japan without a degree. ... eligible for that specific visa (you can read more on the details of this visa here.) ... However, since you don't have one of the listed requirements for most teaching jobs (the ... will need to be so strong that they are willing to go to bat for you.


Everything you need to know about getting an English teaching job in Japan. ... These two categories will help when trying to narrow down your search. ... If you are trying to work in a public school, having an “Instructor's” visa is preferable, whilst jobs at ... Search for Jobs · Study Japanese · Visit Japan · Find an Apartment.


I'm going to live with friends in Japan for one year as my job at home has ... My original plan was to turn up and look hard for a teaching job but the ... find an employer who can sponsor you for a work visa, but without either a ...


Aug 28, 2008 ... Everything you need to know on securing an English teaching job on ... But if you know where to look and know what you're looking for, your job search can be a success. ... English speakers in public schools as ALTs, provide working visas, ... Unless you go with a big corporation (and even then it's a good ...


If so, what was the process like and can you offer any advice? ... My question: Have you gotten a job (and work visa sponsorship) on a tourists visa .... This was done while she was in the US, without any kind of work ... So my current plan is to travel to Tokyo in September on a tourists' visa and look for work.


Jun 19, 2015 ... What do you need to work in Japan and how can you get a visa? ... What are the minimum requirements for teaching in Japan ... Enter on a tourist visa, search for work, then switch to a working visa. ... all the visa stuff), the COE helps speed up the visa process and it's possible to get a work visa without one, ...


If you go over to Japan on a tourist visa looking for work, you still won't be ready ... of a search, but without a doubt the most up-to-date source of jobs in Japan.


You should try to find a job within the first month you enter Japan, as the application process for attaining the work visa could take up to two months.


For other nationalities, a Student visa will allow you to work part-time. ... Anyway, think about what you're going to do after teaching English. ... “I taught Japanese kindergarten for five years” does not look that impressive ..... I'm always kind of surprised to hear about people who move to Japan without ever being there before.