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Sep 2, 2013 ... Me introducing my male and female betta fish together in the same tank. Male ... Can i put a female with my male fish when i get a bigger tank?.

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Feb 22, 2006 ... I keep my male and female betta fish together in about a 3-5 gallon tank .... you can't put 2 betta's together, whether its male:male, male:female, ...

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Reality: Most male bettas will fight with anything that even remotely ... Some will attack any fish indiscriminately, regardless of its appearance. ... Myth: Female bettas are peaceful and can always be housed together or in tropical community tanks. ... If you do wish to keep a sorority or community tank with females, you must .....

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Sep 16, 2015 ... I get a lot of questions on here asking about keeping Bettas in tanks with ... typically you don't want to keep male and female betta fish together, ...

So, weird question, my female betta and my male ended up together


Female bettas arent usually as aggressive as males, and dont fight with males unless ... The key to keeping the fry alive is to provide enough food a day to amount to 4 ... One I have is for my livebearer breeding fish and the other for my betta ...

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So if you have a 30 gallon aquarium, you could keep roughly 15 of them in there. ... Unlike the very aggressive male betta fish, the female can have happy tank ...

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Nov 23, 2015 ... Betta Splendens (more commonly known as "betta fish") are among the most ... called a “betta harem” or “sorority” or even “girl tank”) together in one tank and still ensure ... If you attempt to keep only 2 females, one will typically assume a more .... Female bettas are usually no less aggressive than their m...

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Females are a bit more tolerant of each other. ... It hangs inside the aquarium, effectively keeping any fish inside it separated from the rest of the tank. ... about putting male Bettas in the same tank and that you can only put one in a tank at a time ...

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Do not put them in an undivided tank, or they will kill each other. ... Female bettas are one of the few fish you truly want to over stock, just to curb the ... bettas that should be in a 10 gallon is 7, 15 is like putting 3 females together in a 2 gallon.

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Male bettas are territorial and should never be housed together under any circumstances. They're ... Female bettas can be housed together in groups of three or more. ... As I said, some bettas will attack anything you put in the water with it.

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Sep 8, 2007 ... I just bought 2 betta's for school and was wondering if you can put a female with a male without them fighting.

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If the male and female bettas are house in such a way that they can see one ... Move the female betta to the male's tank or move the two fish together to a third tank. ... Some people use hurricane lamp glass placed inside a tank, with the female ...

Can you put betta fish together in the same tank? - Quora


Aug 1, 2015 ... Now if the tank is if enough and has hiding places you can put male and females together but you have to still be careful as the male might still ...