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Sep 2, 2013 ... Me introducing my male and female betta fish together in the same tank. Male starts chasing ... Creative Pet Keeping 136,371 views. 3:31.
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Jun 16, 2013 ... Putting my male and female betta fish together. Lauren Kelly ... How to Keep a Male and Female Betta Together in the SAME Tank! - Duration: ...

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It's quite common to keep a betta “sorority,” that is, a group of female bettas. Female bettas are aggressive, though less so than males, so you need lots of space ...

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Male and female betta fish should not be kept in the same tank. ... Can you keep a mystery snail with fish? ... What kind of fish can I put in with my betta fish?

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If you've heard betta fish cannot have companions in their tanks because they will ... Do not house males and females together until just before mating. ... If the male and female bettas are house in such a way that they can see one another, ...

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Feb 22, 2006 ... The situation will eventually turn sour and one of the fish will die. Lastly, to the .... No you cannot put a female and male betta together. They will ...

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Reality: Many pet stores suggest keeping a male betta with a small harem of females, ... Myth: A male and female betta can be housed together as mates in the same ... The only time one should attempt to place a breeding pair of bettas together ... Despite its popularity as an aquarium fish, the betta is still largely surrounded .....

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Female bettas arent usually as aggressive as males, and dont fight with males unless ... The key to keeping the fry alive is to provide enough food a day to amount to 4 ... One I have is for my livebearer breeding fish and the other for my betta ...

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Breeding Siamese Fighting Fish, or bettas, is a wonderful hobby. ... Once you introduce the male and female, you will need to devote at least a few hours every ... It is essential that they are able to see each other before being put together to ...

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Nov 23, 2015 ... Betta Splendens (more commonly known as "betta fish") are among the most ... called a “betta harem” or “sorority” or even “girl tank”) together in one tank and still ensure a peaceful environment. .... Can I put another female in with it? ... When the male and female are ready, the male will embrace the female...