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If you're not, you might feel fear or disappointment, not to mention utter confusion if you know there's no way you could be pregnant. The fact is, though most ...


Sure. Lots of things can cause you to skip a period including exercising a lot (like in the middle of your cross country season), stress (like final exams), and just a ...


Jun 21, 2016 ... If you miss your period but get a negative pregnancy test, there are a ... A woman's cycle can vary widely, so if you conceived later in your cycle, ...


Sep 4, 2014 ... On the other, yay, you're not pregnant! Suddenly your missed period when babies aren't on the agenda can be a real freak-out moment, but ...


Apr 19, 2017 ... (Although if you suspect that you could be pregnant, even if you're on the ... thing, it's no big deal if you miss a period or it's super late one time.


Nov 16, 2016 ... Even if you've not had sex in the last nine months and it'd have to have ... But we' ve got news for you: a late or missed period doesn't necessarily equal pregnancy. ... This can cause late or completely missed menstruation.


Despite popular misconception, there is absolutely no possibility of having your period during pregnancy. You can experience spotting, or light vaginal bleeding  ...


Find out what it may mean if you miss a period when you're not expecting. U by Kotex explains. ... All these things, and many more, can cause you major stress. And if that wasn't ... If my period is irregular, am I pregnant? Not necessarily!


If you're not pregnant, causes of missed or irregular periods can include eating disorders, stress, increased exercise, and medication.