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Spinal fractures are different than a broken arm or leg. A fracture or dislocation of a vertebra can cause bone fragments to pinch and damage the ... you may experience pain, difficulty walking, or be unable to move your arms or legs ( paralysis).

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Apr 24, 2009 ... A man who had broken his spine in two places was sent home from hospital ... sent me home, told me to do plenty of walking and told me get some rest.' ... his family get in touch with us so we can carry out a full investigation.

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Vertebral Fractures: You May Have a Broken Back and Not Know It ... The risk: Hairline cracks in the vertebrae eventually can cause the bone to crumble ... Walking and other types of weight-bearing exercise (in which the muscles and joints ...

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A broken back; when an injury occurs in the back area of the spine, and the individual vertabrae become fractured or dislocated, the back can be described as broken. ... If you think someone could possibly be suffering a spinal injury, DO NOT ...

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Mar 18, 2014 ... Beth Jordan went from being stuck in bed with a broken back to ... I started by walking around my house and then eventually, after a few years, ...

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Sep 20, 2012 ... I broke my back this summer and was left paralyzed from the hips down. ... You can do it-- and you may not get back to walking, dancing, etc as ...

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Several types of health professionals can help you recover from a broken bone. ... In addition, a supervised program of exercises to strengthen the back can help ... Even after surgery, some people have trouble walking again and have to use a  ...

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People with weak bones can get fractures by bending forward, standing from a seated position, ... Back pain that gets worse when you stand or walk ... The pictures may show broken bones or other problems in the spine, such as an infection.

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But Dave breaking a vertebrae in his back proves that anything can happen anywhere. ... It was 4 days into our voyage that we went for a jungle walk. ... We were about as far out from civilization as you can get being four days into the Amazon ...

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The greater the number of broken bones in the spine and the weaker the ... The pain of a spine fracture can vary from no pain at all to severe and debilitating pain . ... as if to balance a book on your head when you walk and stand, and to sit tall ...

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Compression fractures of the back are broken vertebrae. Vertebrae are ... Getting regular load-bearing exercise (such as walking) can help you avoid bone loss.

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Tell your doctor of you have these symptoms so he or she can ask you ... If a spinal fracture is left untreated, the vertebra may heal in the "broken" or "caved ... for kyphotic deformity, it can affect how you walk and can strain your back and joints.

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Jan 4, 2015 ... Just because horrible things happen doesn't mean you can't laugh. ... I wasn't mad at the broken back or the horse or bad luck; I just wanted to ... Instead of walking by my messed-up closet, I toss out all the crap that weighs ...