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The two main categories of debts and creditors are secured and unsecured. .... that can easily be grabbed to pay off the judgment, and won't bother suing.


Mar 25, 2010 ... When it comes to debt there are two kinds of debt, secured and unsecured. Secured debt is a debt that is backed by some form of collateral.


Mar 16, 2012 ... If you can't pay the collector the amount he is demanding, or refuse to give ... Your debt may be too old for me to do anything about it. ... If you owe unsecured debt such as credit card debt, collectors must ... On the other hand, paying the collection account may stop the creditor or collector from suing you, ...


In addition, an out-of-state creditor is required to sue you in a court in your home state. ... That's why credit card companies (and other big unsecured creditors) write ... If you claim that you don't owe the debt for one reason or another and can  ...


As a group, those who can't make minimum payments to their creditors don't have a lot of ... Even the worst attorneys—and believe me, collection attorneys are the ... As long as creditors are making money by suing debtors they will continue to do so. ... The original creditor will then either assign the debt to a collector who ...


Jul 9, 2011 ... Understanding Unsecured Debts & Bankruptcy ... However, they cannot garnish your wages or your bank accounts unless they sue you in court and obtain a ... In Arizona a creditor can garnish up to 25% of each paycheck and can ... If you are at risk of having your wages garnished give me a call and we ...


Jun 28, 2013 ... Unsecured creditors, like credit card lenders, must obtain a judgment against you before they can attach assets in satisfaction of past-due debts ...


Oct 16, 2013 ... Credit card debt, unlike mortgage debt, is unsecured debt. ... Once an unsecured creditor obtains a judgment, they can then attach ... No lender is going to sue you after a few missed payments, but they'll definitely start calling.


Mar 26, 2013 ... “For example, you can say, 'If you have to sue me, your company will .... the length of time a creditor or debt collector can file a lawsuit against you. ...... Debt Collection Practices Act, whether that debt is secured or unsecured.


If you stop paying your unsecured debts, your creditor has no property to seize as payment. Thus ... Creditors also have the right to sue you to recover the debt.