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Can a Girl Get Pregnant if She Has Sex During Her Period?


Yes. A lot of people think that if a girl has sex during her period, she can't get pregnant. But it is possible for a girl to get pregnant while she is bleeding. This can ...

Can a Woman Become Pregnant During Her Period? - Parents


While a woman is unlikely to get pregnant during her period, it is absolutely possible. ... These symptoms can occur as early as two weeks after ovulation. Other ...

Period Sex: Can You Get Pregnant? - Healthline


Mar 7, 2016 ... The odds of a woman getting pregnant while on her period are low, ... It's possible you could bleed during ovulation when you're most fertile.

Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period?


Sep 2, 2016 ... The probability is that you would not get pregnant having sex during your period. Apart from being ... Woman getting pregnant after her period.

Can a woman get pregnant during her period? | HowStuffWorks


A scientific argument for why women can't get pregnant during their periods might go something like this: Since menstruation involves flushing an unfertilized ...

Can you get pregnant during your period? | BabyCenter


Find out your chances of getting pregnant if you have sex during your period, and how the ... An egg can survive in your fallopian tube for about 24 hours after it's ...

When Can You Get Pregnant, What Days of Cycle Can I Get ...


There are only six days during any cycle when a woman can get pregnant - the ... a woman to track the days of cycle to get pregnant and ensure that her cycles ...

Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period? :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™


Jul 1, 2014 ... Myth: You can't get pregnant during your period. ... Ovulation or the release of the egg usually happens 2 weeks before she starts her period. ... A woman's egg can live for several days, and not all women ovulate two weeks ...

Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period? - New Kids Center


The question can you get pregnant on your period can be answered with one ... In most cases a woman is most fertile in the middle of her cycle and this is usually ... During menstruation, a new egg is preparing itself for fertilization while the old  ...