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Tapeworm infection


Tapeworm infection is the infestation of the digestive tract by a species of parasitic cestodal ... Infection is generally recognized when the infected person passes segments of proglottids in the s...

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There are several different kinds, or species, of tapeworms that can infect ... Certain tapeworms found in dogs or cats may cause serious disease in humans.

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Tapeworm infection is caused by ingesting food or water contaminated with tapeworm eggs or larvae. If you ingest certain tapeworm eggs, they can migrate ...

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A tapeworm infection starts after ingestion of tapeworm eggs or larvae. ... feces from a person or animal with tapeworm, you ingest microscopic tapeworm eggs. For example, a pig infected with tapeworm will pass tapeworm eggs in its feces, ...

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Humans can become infected with these tapeworms by eating raw or undercooked beef (T. saginata) or pork (T. solium and T. asiatica). People with taeniasis ...

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Feb 3, 2016 ... Tapeworms are flat, segmented parasites that can grow in a host's ... The medical term for a parasitic infection of tapeworms in humans is ...

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Jan 10, 2012 ... Sometimes, an infected dog will "scoot" or drag its anus across the ground ... Yes; however, the risk of infection with this tapeworm in humans is ...

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Dec 15, 2010 ... Yes, you can contract roundworms, hookworms, or tapeworms from a dog or cat. Here's what you need to know.

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Nov 11, 2015 ... Human infection is often caused by the inadvertent consumption of the ... Depending on the type of tapeworm symptoms can include:.

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This article provides the basics on tapeworm infections and how to prevent them. ... In fact, a worm that can grow to more than 82 feet long, live in the intestines, ... the body when a person eats or drinks something that's infected with a worm or ...

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Tapeworms are flat, segmented worms that live in the intestines of some animals. Animals can become infected with these parasites when grazing in pastures or ...

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Many people with intestinal tapeworm infection have no symptoms. If you do feel the effects, your symptoms will depend on the type of tapeworm you have and ...

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Sep 16, 2015 ... Humans can also become infected if there is contact with animal stools or contaminated water. When an infection is passed from an animal to a ...