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Chromosomes may exist as either duplicated or unduplicated. ... Chromosomes in humans can be divided into two types: autosomes and sex chromosomes. .... humans) have 48 chromosomes (as well as the o...

Apologetics Press - Of Apes and Men: Chromosome 2 in Humans ...

The problem is, however, that no humans have 48 chromosomes. ... We cannot know God's intentions for creating us as we exist, nor can we know why He ...

Chromosome Fusion: Chance or Design? : QUEST - KQED Science

May 12, 2008 ... Now people have 46 chromosomes and chimpanzees have 48. ... Scientists can even use these sorts of errors to predict how long ago ... 1 in 1000 live births have a fused chromosome , yet Humans have remained Human.

The Mystery of the Missing Chromosome (With A Special Guest ...

Jul 19, 2012 ... They found that human chromosome two bears the hallmarks of an ancient .... I can go find it for myself–if such a paper actually exists. ...... that we would expect to see some people with 48 chromosomes and some with 47.

The chromosome 2 fusion model of human evolution ... - Creation

“The DNA sequences in the human chromosome are exactly as expected from this ... centromere from one of the ancestral ape chromosomes can also be found. ”<sup>3</sup> .... to the fact that a complete absence of humans with 48 chromosomes exists.

Reasons To Believe : Chromosome 2: The Best Evidence for ...

Jun 1, 2010 ... For example, humans have 46 chromosomes; chimpanzees and other apes have 48. ... human and chimp chromosomes is the quantity: 46 for humans and 48 for chimpanzees. ... This type of fusion can happen, but it is a rare occurrence. ... day after day—for God's existence and the reliability of Scripture.

Can we make a yy chromosome human? : askscience - Reddit

Dec 8, 2011 ... ... or not we can artificially create a YY chromosome human being and what ... strictly YY genotypes exist in other organisms, but not in humans.

Human Chromosomal Abnormalities: Sex Chromosome Abnormalities

The high frequency of people with sex chromosome aberrations is partly due to the fact that they are rarely lethal conditions. Like Down syndrome and other autosomal problems, sex chromosome gross abnormalities can be ... If they survive to birth, these girls have abnormal growth patterns. .... (length = 1 mins, 48 secs) ...

How many chromosomes and how many chromatids? (Page 1) - Genes ...

Is it called a chromosome before replication when it is linear and wrapped ... I really enjoy genetics but I can't seem to grasp these simple definitions! ... about it: before S phase, a typical human cell contains 46 chromosomes.

A Tale of Two Chromosomes | Answers in Genesis

Nov 14, 2007 ... But do human chromosomes hint of chimp ancestry? ... We can see these similarities in the banding patterns of the chromosomes. One obvious difference between the human and ape karyotype is that apes have 48 chromosomes (24 pairs) ... It is conceivable that some apes exist with 46 chromosomes.

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Q: Why do humans have 46 chromosomes, and primates 48. But man has o...
A: Umm. lets see. humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes and primates have 24 pairs. It is claimed that 2 pairs of chromozomes fused together causing humans to have 2... Read More »
Q: Does anyone know how human chimeras can exist ,why don't they abo...
A: I don't think chimeras have anything to do with doubling chromosomes. As I understand it, a chimera has part of the body developing from one sperm/egg combinati... Read More »
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The 44 Chromosome Man | Understanding Genetics

Feb 26, 2010 ... Many people have trouble believing that chromosome number can ... the chimpanzees, having 48 chromosomes a million or so years ago.

How Artificial Chromosomes Could Transform Humanity - io9

But before we get into artificial human chromosomes (AHCs), let's quickly review what ... Sometimes, an added chromosome can be problematic. ..... We as humans have yet to live up to the potential of what we have and live together in peace.

48,XXYY syndrome - Genetics Home Reference

48,XXYY syndrome can affect other parts of the body as well. Males with 48, XXYY ... People normally have 46 chromosomes in each cell. Two of the 46 ...