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Vampire (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Vampires can change at will between human appearance and a monstrous form with a ... To reproduce, vampires must drain a human being of most of his or her ...

Become a Real Vampire - The Complete Method - Gods And Monsters

In "The Vampire Bible", ancient scribes describe the only known way that a human can become a vampire. As the following excerpt from that book details, ...

Real vampire website: Get turned into a vampire

Only a real vampire can turn you into a vampire. Regardless of what some people and websites claim, being a vampire is a physical, medical thing. No spell , or ...

So You Wanna Be a Vampire? Read this before making your “life ...

Jul 11, 2010 ... After all, the decision to make the "human-to-vampire transition" is not one ... So you can become immortal, and be back at work in NO TIME!

Consequences of Being a Mortal Vampire - Les Vampires

The consequences to being a mortal vampire is something. I do know more about and can explain. When one suffers from mortal vampirism, one tends to lose ...

Vampire (Syfy) - Being Human Wiki - Wikia

Humans become vampires by an unknown process that involves a vampire's bite ... Vampires can turn living or recently-deceased humans into new vampires.

A Vampire Spell: Turns You Into A Vampire In Just Seconds ...

BECCASULLEN.; this spell turns you into a vampire instantly as soon as you do this spell you become a vampire. you'll never die and you'll have eternal life. Good Luck. ... No longer shall I be a human I shall be a vampire. I shall live in darkness ... Now this spell is unbreakable I can't turn back after this point. I shall...

How can a human being become a vampire? - Quora

Start sucking your blood until there is none left. P.S. try at your own risk.

How To Become a Real Vampire. Get turned into a ... - Sites - Google

In "The Vampire Bible", ancient scribes describe the only known way that a human can become a vampire. As the following excerpt from that book details, ...

Can a human convert himself into a vampire? - Quora

Saiber Sasha, On the verge of becoming a Poem. Author of ... Usually it is said that a human can be converted into a vampire by vampires bite. Involvement of ...

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Q: Can vampires become mortal?
A: No,but mortals can become vampires Typically dead is dead and there is no going back. However I have seen a couple of movies with such a possibility in it. The ... Read More »
Q: How can a vampire become mortal?
A: In one movie I saw, it supported the theory that if the "new" vampire does not partake of human blood before killing the vampire that made him/her, then they ar... Read More »
Q: Can I become a mortal after becoming a level 4 vampire on skyrim?
A: What Even So said. Go to Morthal and see the wizard for a cure. Or. I think if you haven't already become a werewolf, you can go do the Companions questline and... Read More »
Q: How do mortals become vampires?
A: Usually the most common way for a vampire to be made is by taking the blood of the victim and having the victim drink some of the vampire's blood. Apparently th... Read More »
Q: Can a robot become a vampire?
A: A vampire is defined as "a preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of sleeping persons at night. It has... Read More »