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Immortality in fiction - Wikipedia


Immortality is a popular subject in fiction, as it explores humanity's deep-seated fears and ... The classic and stereotypical vampire is typically slain by one of several very specific means, i...

Top 10 List of Ways I Learned How to Become A Vampire


Jun 2, 2014 ... Real vampire spells, when properly cast, can change a mortal into a vampire within minutes. However, different consequences exist for those ...

How to Become a Vampire in Real Life and Why You Should Think ...


Apr 28, 2016 ... If you want to become a real vampire you'd be wise to reconsider. ... You can't make yourself a vampire, or simply decide you are one. ... Certainly there are mortal humans who don't like to spend much time in the sun, but as ...

Consequences of Being a Mortal Vampire - Les Vampires


Someone pointed out to me that I have left something out in these pages. That being, how does one become a mortal vampire and what the consequences of ...

Can A Vampire Become Human Again By Eliminating Their Sire?


Jul 17, 2015 ... vampire in his entire family line beginning with the first humans he, or she turned into vampires. However according to legend this does not ...

Immortality Spells - Free Magic Spells


Be warned though that immortality does not always come in the time and the way it is perceived to ... How to Become a Vampire .... To make an Immortal a Mortal

Become a Real Vampire - The Complete Method - Gods And Monsters


There are many legends detailing how to become a real vampire, but this is only ... scribes describe the only known way that a human can become a vampire. ... Long story short, his one true love was a mortal woman named Selene who he ...

I am a vampire and I want to be human again? - The Elder Scrolls IV ...


The healer/priest will say something lame, then point you to Ramius Polus in the ... Can anyone tell me how do i become i human after i became a vampire???

Vampires: Myth, Legend and Lore - The Shadowlands


Vampires aren't particular they will drink the blood of animals as well as humans. ... lets move onto ways that you can cause yourself to become a vampire. ... treacherous barmaids), or (for a priest) saying mass while in the state of mortal sin.

Separating Myths from Facts in Vampire: The Requiem - dummies


Where does Vampire's mythology diverge from popular belief? ... A vampire's prey automatically becomes a vampire: Myth. ... Vampires can have sex: Fact. ... of mortal emotions that the remnants of his soul apply to his current experience.