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Some states have exceptions for pregnancy or judicial approval. The age of marriage in the United States is 18, with two exceptions—Nebraska (19) and Mississippi (21). Most states allow minors...

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Although a few states will waive this requirement if there is a pregnancy, the couple may .... You can obtain the necessary consent forms from a marriage license agent. ... Minors cannot get married in Kentucky if parents or guardians are not ...

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Parties can marry at a younger age, also with parental consent. ... of eighteen with parental consent and under the age of seventeen can receive a license by reason of pregnancy or the birth of a child. ... However, this parental consent is not required if the minor has already been married. .... Get Free Legal Feedback Today.

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Apr 6, 2007 ... Can Pregnant Minors Marry Without Permission .... rape, taking a runaway to go get married in another state is asking for even more trouble.

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A minor who has been previously married may also apply for a license. A minor who ..... im 17 and pregnant can I get married in nc without consent.? kaylan · 11  ...

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The legal marriage age without a parent's consent vary from state to state. Under most states marriage age laws, if you want to get married without ... Parties may marry with consent by reason of pregnancy or the birth of a child even ... A lawyer can also help you if you need to petition the court for judicial permission to marry.

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741.0405 When marriage license may be issued to persons under 18 years.— ... him or her the written consent of the parents or guardian of such minor to such marriage, ... (3) When the fact of pregnancy is verified by the written statement of a ...

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State-by-state listing of marriage laws showing the legal, minimum age when you ... allow pregnant teens or teens who have already had a child to get married without ... A minor who swears that they have a child or are expecting a baby, can  ...

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People who are 17 can get married if the person who is 17 gets consent from the parents or guardian the person who has legal custody or control over a minor. ... that the female is pregnant or a mother, that the male is the father of the child, ...

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May 5, 2006 ... After a pregnant 14-year-old from Nebraska drove to Kansas last ... Currently, Kansas has no minimum age for marriage if the minor has parental or judicial approval. ... for the couple to get married in Kansas last spring after learning that her daughter was pregnant. .... You can also tweet to all your followers.

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Provisions for underage marriages exist in order to permit pregnant minor ..... Can we get married without my parents consent if I'm pregnant? or how can i do to ...

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minimum legal age can marry with parental and judicial consent. Presence of stipulations that minors under the minimum age can marry due to pregnancy.

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There are laws governing the rights minors have with regards to marriage. ... If you are a minor who is thinking of getting married you should check to find out what ... Some states may waive the need for parental consent if the girl is pregnant. However, in Florida minors under 18 but over 16 can apply for a marriage license ...