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Cancer is a collection of various diseases characterized by abnormal cell growth. Cancerous cells divide and replicate without stopping, spread to surrounding areas and can form malignant tumors. Benign tumors are not cancerous. Unlike malignant tumors, once removed, they don't usually grow back. Cancer can begin almost anywhere in the body and can have varying levels of severity.


Jun 10, 2016 ... Read about common cancer symptoms and signs, which include lumps, blood in stool or urine, nonhealing sores, unexplained weight loss, ...


Aug 6, 2014 ... Some body changes that seem normal could be symptoms of cancer. What should you watch for?


Aug 11, 2014 ... Many things other than cancer can cause the signs and symptoms reviewed here , but it's important to consult a health care professional if you ...


Typically, this is because ovarian cancer symptoms either aren't apparent in the early stages of the disease or they mimic common stomach and digestive issues  ...


May 23, 2015 ... If you don't have any signs or symptoms, but are worried about your risk of cancer , discuss your concerns with your doctor. Ask about which ...


Read about pancreatic cancer symptoms. Although symptoms of pancreatic cancer can be difficult to detect, jaundice or digestive problems may be signs of the ...


Mar 6, 2017 ... Knowing the early symptoms of cancer can help you seek early treatment to improve your chances of remission.


Ovarian cancer is difficult to detect, especially, in the early stages, but there are symptoms a person can have that show signs of ovarian cancer developing.


It is common for people with thyroid cancer to have few or no symptoms. Thyroid cancers are often diagnosed by routine examination of the neck or are ...