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A candy cane or peppermint stick is a cane-shaped stick candy often associated with .... Church history records that in 1670 the choirmaster at Germany's Cologne Cathedral was faced with a probl...

Candy Canes at Christmas -- Christmas Customs and Traditions ...


The History of Candy Canes and what they mean and represent in the customs of Christmas.

Candy Canes Video - History of Christmas - HISTORY.com


Though Christmas happens once a year, candy canes are manufactured all year long.

We Don't Know the Origins of the Candy Cane, But They Almost ...


Dec 11, 2012 ... First, candy canes were certainly not invented in Indiana, since the first .... have no Idea how or when the candy cane was invented or its history.

The Origin of the Candy Cane - Today I Found Out


Dec 10, 2012 ... While that makes a great candy cane origin story, there is about as ... as you read the various tales out there on the history of the candy cane, ...

Raising Cane | Christian History


Aug 8, 2008 ... The origins of the candy cane. ... Subscribe to Christianity Today and get instant access to past issues of Christian History! Christianity Today ...

The History of the Candy Cane - Noel Noel Noel!


Not only are candy canes used as a sweet Christmastime treat but they are also ... How did this seasonal candy get its familiar shape, and when did it become ...

​The history of candy canes - CBS News


Dec 21, 2014 ... It's pulled, twisted, bent . . . and sweet! Nothing says Christmas like a fresh crop of candy canes. So how did a peppermint stick with a hook ...

The Origin of the Candy Cane - Gizmodo


Dec 25, 2013 ... While that makes a great candy cane origin story, there is about as ... as you read the various tales out there on the history of the candy cane, ...

Altogether Christmas Traditions: The History of the Candy Cane


Learn the true history of the Candy Cane and how it came to be identified with Christmas.

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Origin of the Candy Cane : snopes.com


Dec 23, 2014 ... Despite modern religious legends, candy canes were not created as ... could furtively identify each other — is directly contradicted by history.

Candy Cane History | Candy Cane Legends - Spangler Candy


Learn about the history and legends behind the candy cane at SpanglerCandy. com.

The History behind Candy Canes - Inventors - About.com


Jun 1, 2016 ... The origin of the candy cane goes back more than 350 years, back when candy- makers, both professional and amateur, were making hard ...