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Candy Slogans

These sugary treats sure make our days sweeter. There have been many creative and popular slogans used to advertise candy. Here is a list of candy slogans.

Candy Slogans Quiz - Sporcle

Slogan, Candy. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand. Taste the rainbow. Makes mouths happy. Try both, and pick a side. Hungry? Grab a [Candy]. Sometimes ...

56 Catchy Candy Slogans and Popular Taglines |

Jun 6, 2013 ... A listing to some of the greatest and catchy candy slogans and popular taglines to inspire your creativity.

Braingle: 'Know Your Candy Slogans?' Trivia Quiz

I will give the slogan and multiple choice answers to guess what slogan/jingle goes with which candy.

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Jul 7, 2015 ... How well do you know your candy? ... Sections. Candy Slogans. Share submit to reddit. Like us on Facebook. More from mental_floss.

Chocolate Candy Day: 15 Famous Chocolate Candy Slogans ...

Dec 27, 2012 ... Chocolate Candy Day is December 28, a great reason to celebrate with chocolate. Here are 15 Famous Chocolate Candy Slogans you can use ...

Candy Addict » Candy slogans and jingles

Mar 5, 2006 ... My recent post about Toffifay and the slogan “Toffifay, it's too good for kids” got me thinking about other candy slogans so I compiled a list and ...

famous advertising slogans - brain candy word play -

Brain Candy word play is a collection of intelligent ways to have fun with words. Clever and humorous word usages.

Famous Advertising Slogan by Hershey's Chocolate Candy Bars

Visit this site to remember your favourite Hershey's Chocolate Candy Bars famous advertising slogan and its well known catchphrase. A well known advertising ...

Candy Bar Sayings on Pinterest | Teacher Appreciation, Teacher ...

So I saw this article about puns/cute sayings to go with candy bars, and the ones that went with these bars made me laugh. a lot. "(1) Be 16 before you date, that ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is the candy slogan for that's rich?
A: The 100 Grand bar, formerly known as the 100,000 uses the slogan "That's ric... Read More »
Q: What are some candy slogans?
A: "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't" "Taste the Rainbow" "Melts in your Read More »
Q: What is Chuckles candy slogan?
A: The old ad slogan for the candy was, "Eat some now, Save some for Later" later replaced by, "Hard 'N Fruity now and Soft 'N Chewy Later" Read More »
Q: What are all the Lifesaver candy slogans?
A: i need help on my homework i need to know how you can put technololgy in a candy bar form heelllppppp Read More »
Q: What candy's slogan is makes your mouth happy?
A: twizzlers Read More »