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The Cane Corso, pronounced kha-neh kor-so [ˈkaːne ˈkɔrso] from Italian Cane (dog) and Corso also known as the Italian Mastiff, is a large Italian breed of  ...

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Right breed for you? Cane Corso information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, how to find a Cane Corso and AKC standard.

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Cane Corso. This old Italian dog breed was developed to guard property and hunt big game such as wild boar. He is powerful and athletic and is best suited to  ...

02nov 2015 10 Things Only A Cane Corso Owner Would Understand


Nov 2, 2015 ... The Cane Corso in an ancient breed, one of the two native Italian ... traits that developed because of their role as all-around farm dogs in rural ...

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Everything you want to know about the Cane Corso, including grooming, ... dog, Cane Corso puppies are inveterate chewers and because of their size can do a ...

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Cane Corso Temperament, Personality, Behavior, Traits, and Characteristics, ... Since you have to minimize their exercise, young Cane Corsos can be very ...

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Nov 5, 2016 ... Since the Cane Corso is Italian and has been around since Roman times, there are several great methods of picking a special name for your ...

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What is your Cane Corso's name? Chella ... Would you say that Cane Corsos make good guard dogs? ... Is Your Cane Corso Good Around Other Dogs?

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Cane Corso Dog Names for your cute dogs, unusual dog ...