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Aphthous stomatitis

The informal term canker sores is also used, mainly in North America. ..... Photographic Comparison of: 1) a Canker sore - inside the mouth, 2) Herpes, ...

Canker Sores: Causes, Treatments, Symptoms, and More - WebMD

Canker sores appear in the mouth and can be painful. Learn from the experts at WebMD about causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Canker sore Causes - Mayo Clinic

Canker sore — Learn about the causes, treatment and prevention of this painful ... A minor injury to your mouth from dental work, overzealous brushing, sports ...
Mouth Sores - Canker Sores, Fever Blisters, Ulcers, Thrush Information about mouth sores including canker sores, fever blisters, cold sores, ulcers and thrush. More »

Canker Sore: Overview, Causes, Diagnosis & Pictures - Healthline

Jul 18, 2012 ... A canker sore is a mouth ulcer or sore that is open and painful. The most common sign is a burning or tingling in an area of your mouth the red ...

Canker Sores: Treatment, Canker Sore Remedy, and More

Jul 9, 2014 ... Multiple factors may cause canker sores, including injury to the mouth, acidic or spicy foods, vitamin deficiencies, hormones, stress, ...

Canker Sores: Click for Symptoms and Home Remedies

Aug 4, 2015 ... Learn about canker sore home remedies, causes (tomatoes, toothpaste), symptoms, treatment and prevention of canker sores (mouth or ...

Canker Sores (Aphthous Stomatitis or Recurrent Mouth ... - Colgate

Emotional stress, menstruation or injury to the mouth are common triggers for simple canker sores. Certain foods such as citrus or acidic foods may trigger a ...

Canker Sores - KidsHealth

If you've ever had those open, shallow sores in your mouth and taken a gulp of orange juice, you know what a pain canker sores can be. Canker sores are fairly  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Canker Sore inside mouth?
A: mouthwash always irritates it when i get those horrible sores...... i tried a 50-50 mixture of water and peroxide and rinsed it around in my mouth for several m... Read More »
Q: Canker sores in mouth?
A: It is possible to get canker sores at any point in your life and there is always a first time. Unfortunately, there is only palliative treatment available for t... Read More »
Q: Canker Sore in Mouth
A: Canker sores are small shallow ulcers that appear in the mouth and often make eating and talking uncomfortable. There are two types of canker sores: Simple cank... Read More »
Q: How to Treat canker sores or mouth ulcers.
A: 1. Exercise caution when brushing or flossing your teeth. Avoid chewing on pens or toothpicks, and if you wear braces, make sure your orthodontist trims wires c... Read More »
Q: How to take care of canker sores in mouth?
A: 1. Pour 1 tablespoon of salt into 4 ounces of water. 2. Stir mixture. 3. Rinse mouth with mixture for 60 seconds at least once a day. 4. Squeeze six drops of gr... Read More »