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Siyi is a coastal branch of Yue Chinese spoken mainly in Guangdong province, but is also used in overseas Chinese communities. Within the province, it is mainly spoken in the region administered by the prefecture-level city of Jiangmen , but pockets exist outside of Jiangmen, ...


Yue or Yueh is one of the primary branches of Chinese spoken in southern China , particularly ... The port city of Guangzhou lies in the middle of Pearl River Delta, with access to the interior via the West River, North River and East River, which ...


The Baiyue, Hundred Yue or Yue were various partly or un-Sinicized peoples who inhabited ... The Yue were assimilated or displaced as Chinese civilization expanded into southern China in the .... Ruins of a Minyue city in Wuyishan, Fujian.


Details of Yue, on of the major varities of Chinese which is spoken by about 90 million people in China in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, Shanghai and Hong  ...


From Mandarin Yuè (粵/粤 for the modern sense; 越 or 鉞/钺 in the ancient ... People who speak Yue, such as the Cantonese and Taishanese [quotations ▽].


Online ordering menu for Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant. Come to Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant in North Kansas City, Missouri for authentic Chinese  ...


eventually settling in Sichuan, at Ma'an Village near Lezhi City in. Yilong County ... 1921-1927 (Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas Press, 1971), Vol. 1, p. 23. 13. ..... worshipped the native place, and the Min and Yue Cantonese disdain i. 35.