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Progeria (pronunciation: /proʊˈdʒɪəriə/) (Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome, HGPS, ..... Fong et al. use a farnesyl transferase inhibitor (FTI) in this mouse m...

Comparative study of intramuscular gold and methotrexate in a ...


Gold caused significantly more withdrawals for toxicity (43% GST v 19% MTX, p= 0.0026, log rank test). ... Fries JF, Cooper NS, Healey LA, Kaplan SR, Liang MH, Luthra HS, et al. ... [PubMed]; Suarez-Almazor ME, Fitzgerald A, Grace M, Russell AS. ... [PubMed]; McEntegart A, Morrison E, Capell HA, Duncan MR, Porter D, ...

Extended report: Efficacy and toxicity of methotrexate (MTX) - NCBI


Dec 3, 2008 ... In 17 of the 19 trials (1624 patients: 824 in combination group vs 800 ... In Capell's study, patients for whom SSZ 2 g/day had already failed were randomised ... Hochberg et al (2001) included only MTX inadequate responder studies .... Lehman AJ, Esdaile JM, Klinkhoff AV, Grant E, Fitzgerald A, Canvin J. A ...

Impact of chronic kidney disease on use of evidence-based therapy ...


Jul 22, 2014 ... ... Shalnova S, Al-Zaibag M, Hou MK, Kamensky G, Fras Z, Kanič V, Naidoo DP, ... Fathi R, Fitzgerald B, Hamilton-Craig I, Holt G, Jayasinghe S, Mai N, ..... Capell A, Arnedillo Pardo J, Arquero García G, Arrarte Esteban V, ...

Physical Review C - Volume 70 Issue 6


Dec 9, 2004 ... B. B. Back et al. ... Z. Hu, R. Kirchner, E. Roeckl, M. Shibata, L. Batist, F. Moroz, and V. Wittmann ..... P. Capel, G. Goldstein, and D. Baye ..... R. P. Fitzgerald, M. S. Johnson, R. J. Livesay, Z. Ma, C. D. Nesaraja, D. Shapira, M. S. ...

Benefit of very early referral and very early therapy with ... - Ignyta


Apr 27, 2004 ... in the VERA vs 1.7Ж1.2 in the LERA group (Pc<0.05). The Larsen ...... Tsakonas E, Fitzgerald AA, Fitzcharles MA et al. Consequences of.

Cell Death and Differentiation - The clearance of dying cells: table ...


Mar 18, 2016 ... ... phagocytic cell surface receptors such as integrin αvβ3, αvβ5, or Tryo3-Axl-Mer ..... Dillon CP, Weinlich R, McCormick LL, Fitzgerald P, Pop C et al. ..... Rimaniol AC, Till SJ, Garcia G, Capel F, Godot V, Balabanian K et al.

γ-Secretase Dependent Production of Intracellular Domains Is ...


Mar 19, 2010 ... p<0.05 adult vs embryo (C) Active γ-secretase was captured from .... This is in contrast to Vetrivel et al. who showed that the APP CTFs were localized in lipid rafts [42]. ..... Sastre M, Steiner H, Fuchs K, Capell A, Multhaup G, et al. .... Wilkinson HA, Fitzgerald K, Greenwald I (1994) Reciprocal changes in ....

Current concepts and new developments in the ... - Rheumatology


Jun 16, 2003 ... dominantly axial vs peripheral joint involvement, axial involvement .... specifically, in the largest RCT, by Clegg et al. and involving 221 PsA ...... Palit J, Hill J, Capell HA et al. .... Cunnane G, Madigan A, Murphy E, Fitzgerald O,.

The TICOPA protocol (TIght COntrol of Psoriatic Arthritis): a ...


Coates et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2013 .... activity VAS, (v) patient pain VAS, and (vi) the Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ). ..... Kane D, Stafford L , Bresnihan B, FitzGerald O: A prospective, clinical and radiological ... View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar; Grigor C, Capell H, Stirling A, McMahon AD, Lock P, ...

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Treat to Target in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Fact, Fiction or Hypothesis?


V. Conclusion. In conclusion ... Grigor C, Capell H, Stirling A, McMahon AD, Lock P, Vallance R, et al. .... Fitzgerald J. Distribution of US Adult Rheumatologists.

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Smith et al (3) recently evaluated clinical trials reported in ..... (32). Capell et al, JR, 1981 GST vs. DP vs. LEV 123. No diff. -. Davis et al, JR, 1985. GST vs. AUR.

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Moll JMH, Wright V. Psoriatic arthritis. Semin Arthritis ... Veale D, Rogers S, Fitzgerald O. Classification of clinical subsets in psoriatic arthritis. ... Torre Alonso JC, Rodrigues Perez A, Arribas Castrillo JM, et al. ... Palit J, Hill J, Capell HA, et al .