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Connexins, or gap junction proteins, are a family of structurally related transmembrane proteins .... Cx30.3, GJB4, Fonseca et al. confirmed Cx30.3 expression in thymocytes. ... C., Kendall, J. M., ...

Inflammasomes: Molecular Regulation and Implications for ... - NCBI


May 19, 2014 ... ... activation of the NLRP3, IPAF, and AIM2 inflammasomes (Qu et al., ..... V., Petzold G.C., Stewart C.R., Monks B.G., Reinheckel T., Fitzgerald ...

Heart rate and use of beta-blockers in stable outpatients with ... - NCBI


May 3, 2012 ... ... Shalnova S, Al-Zaibag M, Hou MK, Kamensky G, Fras Z, Kanič V, Naidoo ... Cross D, Fathi R, Fitzgerald B, Hamilton-Craig I, Holt G, Jayasinghe S, Mai N, ..... Ch'ng ET, Ismail O, Sahar A, Kareem B, Ma S, Liew H, Bhaskaran R, Shah R, .... Capell A, Arnedillo Pardo J, Arquero García G, Arrarte Esteban V, ...

Recommendations for the management and treatment of psoriatic ...


Jan 22, 2014 ... W. Tillett, L. Costa, D. Jadon, D. Wallis, C. Cavill, J. McHugh, et al. .... S.M. Fraser, R. Hopkins, J.A. Hunter, V. Neumann, H.A. Capell, H.A. Bird .... J.C. Prinz, O. Fitzgerald, R.I. Boggs, J. Foehl, D. Robertson, R. Pedersen, et al.

References in Effect of tight control of inflammation in early psoriatic ...


Sep 30, 2015 ... 6Grigor, C, Capell, H, Stirling, A et al. ... 11Chandran, V, Schentag, CT, and Gladman, DD. .... 34Kane, D, Stafford, L, Bresnihan, B, and Fitzgerald, O. A prospective, clinical and radiological study of early psoriatic arthritis: an ...

Inflammasomes: mechanism of action, role in disease, and ... - Nature


Howard, A.D. et al. ... Srinivasula, S.M. et al. ... Hornung, V. et al. ... Rathinam, V.A., Vanaja, S.K. & Fitzgerald, K.A. Regulation of inflammasome signaling. ..... Wang, H., Capell, W., Yoon, J.H., Faubel, S. & Eckel, R.H. Obesity development in  ...

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Etc. is short for 'et cetera,' which translates in Latin to 'and the rest' or 'and left over .' Use etc. when you're writing a list of things: I am going to bring pumpkin pie, ...

Current concepts and new developments in the ... - Rheumatology


Jun 16, 2003 ... dominantly axial vs peripheral joint involvement, axial involvement .... specifically, in the largest RCT, by Clegg et al. and involving 221 PsA ...... Palit J, Hill J, Capell HA et al. .... Cunnane G, Madigan A, Murphy E, Fitzgerald O,.

Cardiovascular risk management in patients with coronary heart ...


... Family PracticeBMC series ¿ open, inclusive and trusted201213:96. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2296-13-96. © van Lieshout et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2012.

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Keep using etc. instead of et al.? Check out Ginger's spelling book and make sure you never confuse etc. and et al. again!

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Comparative study of intramuscular gold and methotrexate in a ...


Gold caused significantly more withdrawals for toxicity (43% GST v 19% MTX, p= 0.0026, log rank test). ... Fries JF, Cooper NS, Healey LA, Kaplan SR, Liang MH, Luthra HS, et al. ... [PubMed]; Suarez-Almazor ME, Fitzgerald A, Grace M, Russell AS. ... [PubMed]; McEntegart A, Morrison E, Capell HA, Duncan MR, Porter D, ...



Smith et al (3) recently evaluated clinical trials reported in ..... (32). Capell et al, JR, 1981 GST vs. DP vs. LEV 123. No diff. -. Davis et al, JR, 1985. GST vs. AUR.

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Krueger GG, Guzzo C, et al, for the IMPACT 2 Study Group. Infliximab ... Grigor C, Capell H, Stirling A, McMahon AD, Lock P, Vallance. R, et al. ... Coates LC, Cook R, Lee KA, Chandran V, Gladman DD. Fre- quency ... Fitzgerald O, et al.