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Career Opportunities in the Linguist Intelligence Field
· Reston, VA
Chinese Mandarin Linguist
STG, Inc.
· Reston, VA
Russian Linguist
STG, Inc.
· Reston, VA
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Why Major in Linguistics? | Linguistic Society of America


Linguistics programs may be organized around different aspects of the field. ... equipped for a variety of graduate-level and professional programs and careers.

Careers in Linguistics | Department of Linguistics


As a result, a degree in linguistics can provide the foundation for a wide range of jobs and careers (see below for some examples). Studying linguistics helps you ...

7 Jobs for Graduates with a Linguistics Degree | Top Universities


May 6, 2016 ... You've chosen to study a linguistics degree, and you may well be loving every minute of it – but still have no idea what to do next... Not to worry ...

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Jobs directly related to your degree include: English as a ... Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Civil Service fast ...

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From CNN: 10 uncommon/overlooked majors and the jobs you can get ... (b) Such a degree would also provide a pre-professional major for certain fields.

Career Opportunities for Linguistics Majors – Department of Linguistics


The Linguistics major is good preparation for a number of career paths because it ... For this, they will typically need to obtain a graduate degree in linguistics.

What can you do with a Linguistics degree? - Northeastern University


Students with an undergraduate linguistics degree have a variety of options to choose ... Graduate degrees in applied linguistics can lead to jobs in education: ...

Linguistics Major | Degrees, Jobs and Careers - WorldWideLearn.com


Many people who hold a degree in linguistics pursue careers in teaching.

Linguistics » Linguistics job and career overview


What can I do with a Linguistics degree? Linguistic knowledge and skills are an asset in many jobs. Some jobs require additional training or skills, so discuss ...