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What DO archaeologists do in the 21st century? What kinds of jobs and careers ARE they working at? A special issue of the SAA Archaeological Record ...

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If you want to become an archaeologist try to get relevant work experience as it will show your commitment and genuine interest in the career. Some employers ...

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Jun 16, 2008 ... What jobs are available for archaeologists? What education ... What are some general introductory books on archaeology? Popular Books on ...
It's how many of us get started, and certainly how many of us become educated in the ways of archaeology, and it can be a rewarding and hideous experience at the same time. Shovel Bum) The first job anybody who wants to become an archaeologist gets is as a field techni... More »

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However, because it is a small occupation, the fast growth will result in only about 1,400 new jobs over the 10-year period. Jobseekers will likely face very strong ...

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Check out these flyers from the Society for American Archaeology. ... Frequently Asked Questions About a Career in Archaeology in the U.S. (David Carlson) ...

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A collection of resources for the jobseeker in archaeology, including some tips on what kind of training it's best to get, where to look for that job, and how to stay ...

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What are my career choices in archaeology? There are several levels of being an archaeologist, and where you are at in your career is related to the level of ...

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EARTHWORKS advertises worldwide jobs careers and employment opportunities in archaeology.

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Q: Career in archaeology?
A: Archaeology is a nice field that involves mostly in study of the ancient human endeavours encompasses a broad knowledge in anthropology, biology, botany, zoolog... Read More »
Q: A career in Archaeology?
A: I love history, as it is my favorite subject. As a senior in high school, I have begun looking at possible career paths, and when I saw archaeology, it stood ou... Read More »
Q: What do you study in order to start a career in archaeology?
A: This is just my opinion but I think you have to start in the main things you can think of. One science,2math(to measure things out. and geography are really imp... Read More »
Q: My Career In Archaeology?
A: my daughter wants to be an archaeologist. what wil she need to choose for her exams to get into uni? is this a career choice that will have a job when she gets ... Read More »
Q: What Marks to get in the career of an archaeology?
A: I think it depends on what. college. you are going to go to, they will decide what marks you need to graduate from there and then go into a career of archaeolog... Read More »