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A fancy mouse is a domesticated form of the house mouse (Mus musculus), usually bred as a .... As mice and rats have similar diets, some pet mouse owners choose to feed rat food. Although it is comm...

How to Care for Baby Mice: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Your local pet store will carry many different formula options, such as Kitten Milk Replacer or Esbilac, that can be used to feed baby mice. Human formulas ...

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Dec 12, 2010 ... It is very painful loosing a baby mouse because... ... A lot of people keep wild mice as pets and are fine, but it is always a bit of a risk, something ...

Rat & Mouse Gazette: Caring for Orphaned Baby Rats - RMCA


Caring for Orphaned Baby Rats or Mice. Sharon Dubois ... It is manufactured by Pet-Ag and can be obtained from a pet store, veterinarian, or by mail order.

Caring for Orphaned mice - The Fun Mouse


Feed the babies as you would an orphan mouse (also included in this page). ... babies with your own mouse mother are also a factor with a pet store mother.

Raising Orphan Rats - Rat Fan Club


This article is from the Rat Health Care booklet. ... It's very difficult to hand raise a baby rat (or mouse) who is less than a week old ... The best way to locate a foster mother is to contact a pet shop that sells reptiles and breeds rats for snake food.

White-Footed & Deer Mice Care Sheet by Ann Vole


This page is Ann Vole's care sheet on keeping deer mice and white footed mice as pets. Ann talks about the care, feeding, life span, required equipment and ...

Caring for Rats and Mice - Petfinder


The popularity of mice and rats as pets is on the rise, a trend that's mirrored by the ... Find out how to care for rats and mice when they arrive at your facility. ... when she gives birth, and will be less likely to see her babies as a Happy Meal.

Rodent Rehabilitator - What to do with a baby mouse I found?


Pet stores often carry special feeding syringes with a fine, curved tip. ... Ideally, a wildlife rehabilitator will take over the feeding of the baby mouse before you ...

Field Mice as Pets | Animals - mom.me


Keeping wild animals, even ones as tiny as field mice, is discouraged. ... mice need homes -- for example, if somebody inadvisably kept a couple of babies ... ... Care for the mice in much the same way as you might care for standard pet mice,  ...

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AFRMA - Caring for Rat & Mouse Orphans - American Fancy Rat ...


See the AFRMA Breeding Rats & Mice, Care and Guidelines book for more on ... The best thing to do is to try and find another nursing female with babies the ...

How to Care for Baby Mice | PetHelpful


Feb 16, 2016 ... How I took care of three blind baby mice and how you can do it too. ... I went to the pet store and invested in a carrying cage for them that was ...

Orphaned Baby Mice - G.W. Deer Mouse Ranch


If you found an orphaned baby mouse, read this before you do anything else. ... You can check with local pet shops to see if they have a nursing mom, but it's likely ... If you find a foster mom you will still need to care for the baby until you are ...