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The life expectancy of a cat that is living indoors is typically 12–16 years. The life expectancy of ... However, some cats may attain the age of 21 years or more.


First, identify your cat's real age using this chart. Then, discuss ways to keep your pet healthy with your veterinarian. [Find out what to expect from a senior cat ...


Jan 30, 2017 ... The International Cat Care organization has done the world of cats and their caregivers a huge service by reorganizing the chart showing ...


For their size, cats live quite a long time. Generally an animal's longevity is proportional to its size (with the exception of tortoises, man and a few other animals).


May 17, 2017 ... A popular misconception is that cats age seven years (in human years) ... Scroll to the bottom of this article to see a chart for easy comparison.


Convert cat age into equivalent human years. Includes a chart to compare calendar versus cat years.


How old is your cat in human years? Find the equivalent human age of your cat using our cat years chart. Visit Purina online today for more information.


Find your cat's human age in years with this free calculator.


As the age span of cats has increased, with many cats living well into their 20s, a revised chart was needed. As my old cat Merlin aged, I never knew if he was 90 ...


Our cat age chart and calculator has all the answers if you're wondering how old your cat is in human years!