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Living with Cat Allergies - Petfinder


Coping with an allergy to cats isn't easy, especially if you have one. Learn our tips.

How to Beat Cat Allergies - Health.com


Do you have a cat allergy? Here's how to avoid cat dander and reduce cat allergy symptoms.

Pet Allergies: Tips to Help You Make It Work - Pets - WebMD


"I get a stuffy nose and runny eyes, very much like seasonal allergies," says Anthony Herrig, an Oregon web developer with cat allergies. Other symptoms can ...

Pet Allergies: How to Reduce Pet Allergens at Home - Health.com


Some guidelines recommend that people with allergies or asthma avoid keeping pets—especially cats. If a doctor says that you—or your child's—allergies or ...

Tips for People with Cat Allergies: Control Cat Dander


Cat allergies got you down? Use these eight proven tips to help minimize your allergies and maximize enjoyment of your cat's companionship.

Keep The Pet, Lose The Allergies | Prevention


By The Editors of Prevention November 3, 2011 ... If your allergy enemy is Garfield and not Snoopy, then a protein in cat dander and saliva, known as "Fel d 1," is ...

What You Should Know About Cat Allergies - WebMD


Symptoms of a cat allergy might develop in just a few minutes or take hours to appear. About ...

Allergy to cats - Wikipedia


Symptoms of an allergic reaction to cats range from mild to severe, and include swollen, red, itchy, and watery eyes; nasal congestion ...

Cat Allergies: Symptoms & Treatment - Healthline


Dec 15, 2015 ... Are you allergic to cats? Learn about what causes allergies, their symptoms, and how you can treat them properly.

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A: Nov 27, 2014 ... I do not have cat allergies thankfully but I have a good friend that does. Although .... allergy is to alfalfa. (It didn't stop me from ha... Read More »
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Q: How to Stop Itchy Ears in Cats | Cuteness.com
A: Some cats are allergic to flea control products or to cigarette smoke. Skin or blood tests might help determine the cause of an allergy. Eliminating the allerg... Read More »
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A: Nov 15, 2011 ... My cat is highly allergic to fleas and has a HORRIBLE rash that the ... Why not just apply a topical flea control like Frontline or Advantage? Read More »
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