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If your cat sneezes a lot & has nasal discharge, it may be an upper respiratory infection. Learn about cat sneezing and how to treat a cat with a cold on petMD.

Can Cats Get Colds? | Help, My Cat Has a Cold - Pet360 Pet ...


During the winter season, you may see your feline sneezing more than usual. But can that be a sign that she has an actual cold? And can cats get colds from ...

Feline Upper Respiratory Infection - The Common Cold


Dec 23, 2011 ... Symptoms include Sniffling, sneezing, clear to pus-like discharge from the ... “Cat. Overview of feline upper respiratory infections. It's true: our ...

Cat Sneezing: Respiratory Infections, Allergens, and Other Causes


An occasional sneeze in a cat is normal and no real cause for alarm. Just as in humans, sneezing in cats is an explosive release of air through the nose and ...

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Cat colds, just like human colds, can cause symptoms such as sneezing and fevers - Learn more ... What Should I Look Out For if I think my Cat has a Cold?

Feline Sneezing: Causes and Treatment | Ask The Cat Doctor


Many cat owners are under the assumption that the cause of cat sneezing ... and our colds is the frequent accompaniment of red, runny eyes with your cat's cold.

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How can you tell when your cat might have a cold? Watch for the following symptoms. Sneezing - Sneezing is an involuntary reflex designed to expel foreign ...

Here's what to do when cats catch a cold - The Cat Care Clinic


Nov 23, 2009 ... me whether their cats can catch their ... cold that we con- tract is a virus, and most vi- ruses are species- specific, ... tory infections sneeze a lot,.

Sneezing Cats and Kittens...Information for Cats With Cold Symptoms


How To Help Kittens with Cold Symptoms like Wheezing, Sneezing and Watery Eyes. Helpful Friendly Tips to help you care for your sneezing Cat or Kitten.

What do you do when your cat gets a common cold? K-State ...


Feb 10, 2009 ... Both the herpes and calici viruses cause common cold symptoms like runny noses and sneezing. Some differences, Stenske says, are that ...

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If the cat is sneezing, lethargic and off her food for a short time, then it's probable that the cold is passing through and your cat will be right again soon. On the ...

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Cat Colds. Your cat is sneezing, runny nose, runny eyes, basically, all the symptoms of a cold. There are two primary viral, and three primary bacterial infections ...

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A sudden sneeze, teary eyes and a runny nose… Cats as humans may occasionally come down with the common cold. Better known in veterinary offices by the ...