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How to Stop Cat From Defecating Outside Litter Box
Going outside the box can be a good thing—if you are a human seeking solutions, that is. But having a cat who defecates outside its box is not a good thing; in fact, it can be extremely frustrating. In most cases, the cat does have a reason for... More »
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What to Do When Your Cat Poops Outside the Box | Animal ...


Jan 31, 2011 ... While most cats are fastidious about eliminating in their litter box, many will poop outside the box some time during their life.

Cat Behavior | Pooping Outside the Litter Box


Feb 20, 2012 ... Does your cat use the litter box to urinate but continually poops outside the litter box? First you need to rule out an underlying medical problem.

Litter Box Problems | ASPCA


There are many reasons why a cat who has reliably used her litter box in the past starts to eliminate outside of the box. One common reason is that something ...

Cat House Soiling - Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine


These experiences can cause a cat to urinate or defecate outside the litter box, particularly if he associates the litter box with pain. Kidney and thyroid diseases ...

Cat Pooping Outside Litter Box | Litter Box Training


Schedule a phone consultation and learn what causes cats to defecate (only) outside the box. Hint: 80% of the time the instigating factor has nothing to do with  ...

Why would a cat stop using the litter box? | Healthy Cats | Animal ...


There are many reasons why a cat might stop using the litter box. ... Cats are not vengeful, and he is not going outside his box to get back at you for pushing .... eradicate the smells/enzymes/bacteria left behind by a cat defecating on a location.

Inappropriate Elimination (Urination, Defecation, Spraying) in Cats


Inappropriate elimination (urinating or defecating outside of the litter box, and/or spraying) is the most common behavior problem of older cats. There are ...

Why Is My Cat Pooping Outside the Litterbox? - Cat Channel


May 6, 2015 ... Often medical issues will cause cats to defecate outside the litterbox. Most likely, there are a combination of triggers for your cat's behavior.

Why Does My Cat Poop Outside the Litter Box? - Cats - About.com


Read this Ask Amy column to learn why cats poop outside the litter box and how to solve it. ... Finally, take a look at the surface that Rolando prefers to defecate.

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Q: Cat defecating outside litter box.
A: Hi. if there is no medical reason for this then this behavior is known as Middening and is all to do will territory and scent marking and feeling anxious. It ma... Read More »
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Q: Why is my cat defecating outside the litter box?
A: Maybe he doesn't like to share his litter box?? Some cats really don't. Buy another litter box for him....maybe shut him in a room with it for a couple of days ... Read More »
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Q: Older cat defecating outside of litter box.
A: Hi Steven & Elsie, First I personally don't like giving cats (especially male cats) fishy flavored wet food - something about the fish flavored canned treaties ... Read More »
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Q: How to Stop Cat From Defecating Outside Litter Box.
A: 1. Take your cat to the veterinarian to see if a medical problem is causing it to avoid the litter box. If it is painful for the kitty to defecate, he may assoc... Read More »
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Q: Why Does Your Cat Defecate Outside the Litter Box?
A: Consult a Vet. Take the cat to the vet to rule out serious medical conditions which may cause the cat to avoid the litter box. Theories/Speculation. Common reas... Read More »
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