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When a cat stops using the litter box, there's always a reason. Your first impulse may be to shout at the cat, but that will just frighten and confuse him. Cats are not  ...

Solving Litter Box Problems : The Humane Society of the United States


Dec 5, 2014 ... If your male cat stops using the litter box, spends a lot of time trying to go or licking his genitals, get him to the vet immediately. This may be a ...

Why Cats Use Litter Boxes
Cats use litter boxes because of their natural instinct to urinate and defecate in sand or soil, so the litter box should be kept clean and in a quiet, private place. Keep the litter box an attractive place for pet cats to relieve themselves with advice... More »
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Don't let litter box problems break up you and your cat! The HSUS's Cat Answer Tool will help you solve all your cat's litter box behavior problems.

Cat Behavior | Reasons Why Cats Stop Using The Litter Box


Jul 4, 2013 ... When your cat stops using the litter box it's frustrating and stressful for both cat and cat parent. ... The truth is, a covered box isn't cat-friendly. ... My biggest complaint with a covered box is that it prevents the cat from having ...

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Kitty not using the litter box is possibly the most common complaint of all cat owners, ... others will find another place to "go" if the litter box isn't scooped out daily.

Litter Training Your Ferret - Drs. Foster and Smith


... aren't as consistent about it as cats, ferrets can be trained to use the litter box in .... Keep an eye on the puppy pads, and discontinue use immediately if it looks ...

Ferrets: Litter Box Training Tips - Pet Assure


There are several ways you can train your ferret to use a litter box. ... This is Plan B, to be used when the first two methods have failed to prevent your ferret from ...

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Special litter boxes are commercially available for ferrets, with a low side and a ... and cats object to the perfume, and will suddenly stop using the litter box when ...

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Q: Cat not using litter box?
A: Hi Kayla...as this is something that recently developed, first consider all the possibilities such as: - changes with litter brands - location of the litter box... Read More »
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Q: Cat not using litter box?
A: 85% of the time that a cat who used to use the litter box starts peeing outside of the box it is because the cat has a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Cats are m... Read More »
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Q: How to Train Outdoor Cat to Use Litter Box.
A: Whatever your reasons for training your outdoor cat to become an indoor cat, take heart. Cats are clean animals by nature and most of them adjust easily to bein... Read More »
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Q: Cat Not Using Litter Box.
A: We had a male cat who wouldn't use the litterbox. After some research what worked for us was, putting the paper litter that is used in hamster cages in his litt... Read More »
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Q: How to train cat to use litter box.
A: How to train cat to use litter Read More »
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