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Cat intelligence - Wikipedia


Cat intelligence is the capacity of the domesticated cat to solve problems, and adapt to its ...... "Cats outsmarted in psychologist's test". ... Psychology Press.

Cat Psychology : Listen to your cat. - Best Cat Art


Cat psychology should help us recognize that when a cat misbehaves she is often only trying to tell us something. Perhaps we should listen.

Feline Forever: Cat behaviour and psychology


Feline Forever: learn more about the behaviour and psychology of the cat.

Read Your Cat's Body Language - Know Your Pet More ...


That is the sound you hear when you meet your cat walking down the doorway. It will move with his ... Also in Cat Psychology and Behaviour : -. Train your Cat to ...

Our complicated relationship with cats | Pete Etchells | Science | The ...


Sep 12, 2013 ... Pete Etchells: Cats are brilliant creatures, and there's more psychological research on felines and their owners than you might think.

The Cat Whisperer: The Psychology Of A Cat


Feb 16, 2008 ... Cats are mysterious animals, each with a distinct personality and idiosyncrasies all of their own. While cats may be affectionate, they tend to ...

Why You May Want to Be a Cat Person - Psychology Today


Jul 14, 2015 ... Are Cat people really that different from Dog people? Actually, they are in some respects. But does that mean that never the twain shall meet?

Understanding Cat Psychology and Behavior - Vetinfo.com


Many veterinarians recommend methods of training and problem behavior modification based on cat psychology. Understanding the basics of cat psychology ...

Cat Psychology, Behaviour, and Communication | Metaphorical ...


The psychology behind “paddling” or “making bread”; Why Do Cats Make Sudden Mad Dashes Around the House?: A zoologist's explanation for this feline  ...

Human-Cat Psychology: Do Cats Improve Our Mood and Become ...


Jul 14, 2008 ... But what about cat-lovers and research into the psychology of cats? Inspired by MindHacks, I've uncovered a small literature on cats' effects on ...