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Why Is the Cat Refusing to Use the Litter Box?
Although cats usually have a natural inclination to use the litter box, there may be times when your cat won't. The problem can be an easy fix, or it can be the sign of a serious condition.... More »
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My Cat Won't Use the Litterbox: What Do I Do?


Litterbox issues are often a primary concern for cat owners. .... is an obvious problem that may also occur: refusal to use the litterbox by one or more of the cats.

Cat Litter Box Problems: Prevention & Treatment - Pet WebMD


WebMD provides solutions to some common cat litter box problems including medical conditions and other reasons your cat won't use the litter box.

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Feb 2, 2012 ... Cats always potty in their kitty bathrooms — except when they don't. Here's some advice from Petful.

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Although we often take for granted that our cats will use whatever litter box we provide for them, it is perhaps more surprising that they are usually so willing to do ...

The Top 8 Reasons Why Your Kitty Won't Use the Litter Box


Jun 26, 2015 ... Why won't cats use the litterbox? There are several reasons that we will tell you in this article. We will also give you solutions to help you solve ...

Solving Litter Box Problems : The Humane Society of the United States


Dec 5, 2014 ... If you're having a hard time persuading your cat to use the litter box, it may be time to draw a line in the sand. Most cats are happy to use a litter ...

My Cat Isn't Using the Litter Box : The Humane Society of the United ...


Don't let litter box problems break up you and your cat! The HSUS's Cat Answer Tool will help you solve all your cat's litter box behavior problems.

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May 15, 2012 ... There are many reasons why a cat might stop using the litter box. Learn ... Would you use a bathroom with an unflushed toilet? Changes in ...

Litter Box Problems | ASPCA


Litter box use problems in cats can be diverse and complex. Behavioral treatments are often effective, but the treatments must be tailored to the cat's specific ...