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Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, 573 U.S. ___ (2014), is a landmark decision in United States .... The case was previously titled Sebelius v. ... Barack Obama to replace Kathleen Sebelius following Sebelius' resignation on April 10, 2014. ... the plaintiffs from being compelled to provide contraception under their healthcare plans.


Chopourian v. Catholic Healthcare West, Case No. 2:09-CV-02972-KJM-KJN ( E.D. Cal. Feb. 28, 2012), was a court case in the United States District Court for ...


Feb 7, 2012 ... In Virginia, Catholics heard from Bishop Paul Loverde, who wrote, "I am ... Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius finally got .... of the principal differences between Western liberal order and the socialist view.


Facts. [The procedural history is based on a series of federal lawsuits by the State of Florida and others (including the National Federation of Independent ...


Apr 10, 2014 ... Kathleen Sebelius, the health and human services secretary, before a ... worried that the crippling problems at HealthCare.gov, the website set up to enroll ... that Ms. Burwell, 48, a Harvard- and Oxford-educated West Virginia ...


Cierra Thomas. 2) Kathleen Sebelius, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sebelius Resources, LLC and ... Vice Presi- dent, Catholic Health Initiatives and President and CEO, KentuckyOne Health ..... Health Professions, Western Governors University ..... Virginia Tech University\George Washington Carver Assistantship.


Dec 7, 2011 ... Charlottesville, Virginia, Readies for Hate Group Rally (Updated) · 'Pro-Life' .... In Astounding Move, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Overrules FDA .... came to “ understand the concerns of Catholics [read the 281 bishops],” as ... Plan B One- Step properly without the intervention of a healthcare provider.


Feb 9, 2012 ... The Catholic Church's stance on birth control is a slippery slope, as an Obama ... On January 20, when Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius issued a ... [See a collection of political cartoons on healthcare.] ... Losing the governor of West Virginia to a party switch is just the latest sign.


Jan 9, 2013 ... Dean was head of Catholic Healthcare West, one of the country's largest .... Kathleen Sebelius, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human ...