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Cation-exchange capacity


In soil science, cation-exchange capacity or CEC is the number of exchangeable cations per dry weight that a soil is capable of holding, at a given pH value, and ...

Cation Exchange Capacity in Soils, Simplified


Good. On to Cation Exchange Capacity. The Exchange Capacity of your soil is a measure of its ability to hold and release various elements and compounds.

Cations and Cation Exchange Capacity | Fact Sheets | soilquality ...


Cation exchange capacity (CEC) is a measure of the soil's ability to hold positively charged ions. It is a very important soil property influencing soil structure ...

Ion Exchange for Dummies - Lenntech


shows schematic cation and anion exchange resin beads. ... To soften water, you take a cation exchange resin on which the mobile ion inside the beads is.

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Jan 9, 2010 ... AGPR201 10 03 Cation Exchange Graphic. WWCCSoils ... CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) #756 (Air Date 9/30/12) - Duration: 6:47. AgPhD ...
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Apr 6, 2014 ... Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). Virtual Soil Science ... E.12.1 - State what is meant by the term cation exchange capacity... - Duration: 12:22.
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Dec 4, 2014 ... Thanks for the simple explanation! Thumbs down for the music throughout the whole video. It was terribly distracting. P.S. I did not actually give ...

Cation exchange capacity | NSW Department of Primary Industries


Aug 16, 2002 ... Cation exchange capacity (CEC) is a useful indicator of soil fertility because it shows the soil's ability to supply three important plant nutrients: ...

CEC (cation exchange capacity), acidity, and % base saturation ...


The CEC is the abbreviation for the cation exchange capacity of the soil. ... You can see a detailed explanation of how the CEC, exchangeable acidity, and ...

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Aug 26, 2009 ... Brian & Darren go over why CEC is so important to know when it comes to the amount of fertilizer you can use in a field.
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Fundamentals of Soil Cation Exchange Capacity ... - Purdue Extension


The relative ability of soils to store one particular group of nutrients, the cations, is referred to as cation exchange capacity or CEC. Soils are composed of a ...

Understanding CEC, Buffer soil pH, Percent Saturation


CEC, as reported by nearly all soil testing laboratories, is a calculated value that is an estimate of the soils ability to attract, retain, and exchange cation elements.

Cation Exchange Chromatography | Applications & Technologies ...


Overview. Cation exchange chromatography is a form of ion exchange chromatography (IEX), which is used to separate molecules based on their net surface ...