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Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis commonly known as Cato the Younger (Cato Minor) to distinguish him from his great-grandfather (Cato the Elder), was a ...


Bond v. United States, 572 U.S. ___ (2014), is a follow-up to the Supreme Court's 2011 case of .... The Cato Supreme Court Review focused on Scalia's use of Cato's amicus brief. The forty-three page ... Holland · Reid v. Covert · Medellín v.


curiae brief in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Center and of the Cato ... 3 Missouri v. Holland, 252 U.S. 416 (1920). 4 Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1 (1957). 186 ...


May 15, 2013 ... This perverse result makes Missouri v. Holland a doctrinal anomaly that the Court must either overrule or clarify. We also point out how the most ...


The Sad, Quiet Death of Missouri v. Holland: How Bond Hobbled the Treaty Power ..... v. United States: Concurring in the Judgment, 2014 CATO SUP. CT. REV.

Jun 26, 2013 ... Full event: http://www.cato.org/events/can-treaty-increase-power-congress Featuring Nicholas ... Holland, the Supreme Court seemed to say, contrary to basic constitutional ... That issue is now back before the Court in Bond v.


Oct 31, 2013 ... Bond v. United States is testing whether Congress can use treaty laws to ... But libertarian critics of national government power, like the Cato Institute, ... Holland, the 1920 case that is a problem for Bond, because the court ...


May 19, 2014 ... the Hostage Taking Act.”). 52. 354 U.S. 1, 16 (1957). 53. John C. Eastman, Will Mrs. Bond Topple Missouri v. Holland?, CATO SUP. CT. REV.,.


First produced in 1713, Cato, A Tragedy inspired generations toward a pursuit of ..... translation in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Holland, and Poland. ..... of the play omitted a significant exchange between Cato and Portius in Act V;  ...


v. United States, filed on behalf of the Cato Institute, Center for Constitutional Juris- prudence .... Holland, 252 U.S. 416, 432-34 (1920) ("If the treaty is valid there.