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A cat sneezes blood usually because of an obstruction in the cat's nasal passage, a cold, bacterial infection, allergies or dental problems like an abscessed tooth, according to Ve...

Cat Sneezing: Respiratory Infections, Allergens, and Other Causes

An occasional sneeze in a cat is normal and no real cause for alarm. Just as in humans, sneezing in cats is an explosive release of air through the nose and ...

Why is your cat sneezing? | Animal Planet

A sneezing kitty is pure saccharine. So what could be wrong with an achoo (or two) when it's so adorably sweet? Plenty. While the occasional cat sneeze ...

Cat Sneezing - Respiratory Infection in Cats. | petMD

Cats sneeze for many reasons. If sneezing is the only symptom your cat displays – i.e., no discharge from eyes or nose, good appetite, no change in behavior or ...
So far the poor little thing has gone through an infected incision [she was spayed at 8 weeks by animal control] for which we are giving her amoxicillin, as prescribed by the kitten's new vet. Do you know of a place on the web where I might look up these symptoms and p... More »
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reading "Feline Sneezing: Causes and Treatment" - Ask the Cat Doctor

I am asked questions frequently about feline sneezing and I have found that there is often confusion about the cause. Many cat owners are under the assumption ...

What to Do When Your Cat Is Sneezing | POPSUGAR Pets

Aug 18, 2015 ... There's nothing cuter than a few kitty sneezes, but when those achoos stick around, they may be a sign of an underlying issue. We reached out ...

Why Does My Cat Sneeze a Lot? - Pets

Notice that your cat has been sneezing a lot lately? This could mean that he has a virus or bacterial infection. There are several causes for frequent sneezing in ...

Sneezing in Cats - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | Cat Health ...

There are many causes of sneezing in cats. This article looks at them, the diagnosis & treatment of sneezing in cats.

Why Is My Cat Sneezing? - Cat Fancy

Q: Our cat is sneezing every day — two to three times. She licks her nose after. Clear, sparkly eyes. No cough. No congestion. Eating and behaving normally.

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Q: Why Do Cats Sneeze?
A: Bacteria is a common cause of sneezing in cats. Pseudomonad, pasteurella, streptococci and bordatella are all examples of bacteria that can cause respiratory in... Read More »
Q: Why Does a Cat Sneeze?
A: Upper Respiratory Infections Yes, your cat can get colds, too. As with humans, upper respiratory infections can be caused by viruses or bacteria and can be spre... Read More »
Q: What makes cats sneeze?
A: pepper Read More »
Q: Why do cat sneeze?
A: cats sneeze for all the same reasons humans do. If they have dust in they're nose, they will sneeze. they will also sneeze if they are sick because the tissues ... Read More »
Q: Why is my cat sneezing?
A: Cat sneezing's a normal part of properly functioning respiratory system. Continuous sneezing Read More »