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People feel angry when they sense that they or someone they care ... The angry person usually finds the cause of their anger in an ...

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What causes anger? It's often the beliefs and self judgments that cause anger. Changing and controlling these are required for effective anger management.

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Anger issues aren't limited to teens, and it's important to understand anger symptoms, causes and effects if you suspect you are, or someone you know is, ...

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Anger is a universal problem. It is not limited to one age group, culture, race, economic level, social status, educational background, or any other.

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Dec 29, 2008 ... Two factors go into the formulation of anger: current vulnerability and magnitude of the perceived threat. Relatively little threat will cause anger ...

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Feelings of anger arise due to how we interpret and react to certain situations. Everyone has their own triggers for what makes them angry, but some common ...

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Dec 12, 2013 ... There's a strong association between anger issues and the consumption of trans fats, claim researchers at the University of California at San ...

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Anger can be caused by both external and internal events. You could be angry at a specific person or event (a traffic jam, a canceled event), or your anger could ...

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The fact is, just about anything can trigger an angry reaction. ... we all know that anger can get out of control and become destructive, causing a ton of problems.

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Anxiety causes severe, constant stress. That means that you become irritable easier, and high stress quickly. The more severe it is, the worse that anger can be .