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Causes for Irregular Periods
Menstrual cramps are a type of torture unique to women. We can attack them with medication or by applying heat, but periods can occur unexpectedly early or late, worsening the situation. That's why focusing on the cause of menstrual cramps and finding... More »
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What Causes Irregular Periods? | U by Kotex


Having irregular periods is very common. I see them in my practice all the time. The causes can range from something insignificant to something that requires ...

Missed or Irregular Periods-Topic Overview - WebMD


If you're not pregnant, causes of missed or irregular periods can include eating disorders, stress, increased exercise, and medication.

8 Reasons for Missed or Irregular Periods - Dr. Axe


Frequently missed or irregular periods is relatively common. It's important to pay attention to lifestyle habits that can negatively affect hormone.

Irregular Periods - Maintain a Regular Menstrual Cycle Naturally ...


Why does being stressed cause irregular periods? When we are stressed, regardless of the source (danger, personal relationships, work, environment) our  ...

What causes menstrual irregularities?


Menstrual irregularities can be caused by a variety of conditions, including ... Common causes of anovulatory bleeding (absent, infrequent periods, and irregular ...

Heavy, Prolonged, or Irregular Menstrual Periods - Healthline


Feb 1, 2016 ... If a woman's menstrual period is excessively heavy, prolonged, ... Also called abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), DUB is a condition that causes ...

The Facts About Irregular Periods | Everyday Health


Feb 17, 2010 ... Causes of Irregular Periods. In many cases, irregular periods are related to a condition called anovulation. “This means that ovulation hasn't ...

Abnormal Menstruation - Cleveland Clinic


What causes abnormal menstruation? There are many causes of abnormal periods, ranging from stress to more serious underlying medical conditions:.

12 Top Causes Of Irregular Periods | SELF


May 3, 2016 ... Having your period is one of those things you learn to expect will happen to you every single month, for 30 or so years of your life. It's just part of ...