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When particular proteins are broken down in the digestive tract, this generates hydrogen sulfide gas which is expelled from your body in the form of sulfur "egg"  ...

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The smell of sulfur (sulphur) or rotten egg burps comes from hydrogen sulfide ... If you have sulfur burps but NOT sulfur gas (flatulence) the cause is probably in ...

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Egg burps, sometimes called sulfur burps, are caused when your body expels the hydrogen sulfide gas produced when certain proteins break down in the ...

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Sulfur burps cause gas akin to smell of rotten eggs, here are ways to cure this condition, foods to avoid, relief and prevention tips.

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Dec 11, 2012 ... Its sometimes caused by a bacterium know as Helicobacter pylori. ... Pepto Bismol MAX will kill the bacteria, and thus get rid of the sulfur burps.

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Dec 6, 2007 ... Foul smelling burps, which are often also known as rotten egg burps and sulfur burps, are not caused simply by swallowing lots of air. When ...

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Jul 29, 2015 ... Others may develop acute or chronic diarrheal illnesses in which the ... abdominal cramping, passing excessive gas, sulfur-tasting burps ...

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I made an account here for mainly one reason. ... But after eating congee and some biscuits, I burp and the rotten egg smell is ... Will environment be a cause?

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I get a burp that smells like sulfur or rotten eggs. When I get this I ... Chronic rotten egg/sulfur burps. ... Contaminated drinking water is the major cause of this.

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I have had egg burps/sulfur burps once at age 16, once at age 26 and 2 weeks ... the water...i have poured alot in to a glass cause i cannot take this any longer.

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What causes sulfur burps, foods that cause it, treatment and prevention. This is more common in pregnant women.

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Apr 13, 2008 ... The sulphur belching being the signal of a further major bout of ..... so bad before SATs that the burps were so bad it cause rotten egg vomiting.

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Do you ever suffer from very foul burps that can best be described as having a ' rotten egg' or 'sulfur' smell/taste?