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Fruits like apples can rot and decay over time. Mold and fungus cause the quickest degradation, but even exposing an apple to heat can cause it to oxidize.


Eric Guicherit's answer is accurate. I would only add that people think about food in that rotting and discoloration are not the same thing. Bruising on any fruit or ...


Oct 1, 2006 ... Moldy core and core rot can be serious problems in exported apples, ... blue mold, and Mucor piriformis, the fungus that causes mucor rot.


Apple rot and other fruit-rot fungi. Fungi are major causes of plant disease, accounting for perhaps 70% of all the major crop diseases. Some of these fungal  ...


Mar 5, 2012 ... Find out in this fun science investigation using rotting apples. ... that if you leave an apple (or any fruit ) for too long it starts to go bad or decay.


Brown rot is a minor disease of apples and other pome fruits. It is most likely to ... The fungus, Monilinia fructicola, causes practically all of the brown rot in apples.


Brown rot is a fungal disease of apples, pears, plums, cherries and other fruit and ... M. laxa more commonly causes blossom wilt on pears and stone fruit, and a ...


Bacteria breaking down the items is what causes things to rot. When fruits such as apples, bananas and tomatoes ripen, they give off a gas called.


In other words, once you pick an apple, it begins to die immediately. ... the years to fight against the main causes of spoilage, such as air, chemical reactions, and  ...