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What are the Causes of Dogs Scratching?
Dogs scratch for a lot of reasons including allergies, infections, behavioral issues, cancer and mange. They may just have dry skin or their diet may need to be adjusted The scratching may be accompanied by pulling on his hair and licking his hair and... More »
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Compulsive Licking, Biting, and Scratching in Dogs - WebMD


Compulsive scratching, licking, and chewing behaviors are quite common in dogs and have a variety of causes. They can also be harmful. One of the first signs ...

Cat and Dog Skin Problems | Itch-And-Scratch-Bite-And-Lick! | petMD


In reality there is a wide spectrum of causes and severity of itching and scratching in dogs with skin and coat trouble. Some dogs can spend hours romping ...

Vet Advice: Relief for Your Dog's Itchy Skin | The Bark


Question: Recently, my dog's nighttime scratching is keeping both of us awake. ... The causes of pruritus can be quite complex, but there are two main reasons ...

Causes of Scratching & Licking in Dogs - Pet Education

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The many causes of itching and scratching in dogs are explained.

What makes my dog itch? | Cesar's Way


If your dog is frequently scratching, you may suspect a problem with fleas. ... a chance to bite as it is the saliva that causes the allergic reaction and an itchy dog.

Dog Itching & Scratching: What Causes A Dog To Scratch All The ...


Trying to find a reason why your dog is itching and scratching lately? Here are some ideas. Plus some treatments and symptoms for dog allergies.

How to Relieve Itching in Dogs - LoveToKnow


Itching becomes a problem when a dog scratches to such an extent that he breaks the skin and causes an open sore. The sore then has the opportunity to ...

Itch, Itch, Itch – When Your Dog Can't Stop Scratching - PetPlace.com


Sep 27, 2015 ... If your dog spends a large portion of his time scratching, he may have a ... or itching, an unpleasant sensation that causes your dog to scratch or ...

Why is my Dog Itching and Scratching? – My Itchy Dog


Feb 19, 2013 ... Itchy Dog Scratching Itching Allergies Allergy Treatment The most common ... The main causes of skin allergies in dogs are: Atopy (allergies to ...

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Q: What Are the Causes of Dog Hair Loss, Scratching and Oily Coat?
A: Oily Seborrhea. Seborrhea oleosa, also called oily seborrhea, leads to the excessive shedding of scales of dead skin on the dog's coat and excess oil production... Read More »
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Q: What causes a dog to scratch that isnt fleas?
A: Is she shedding coat? Sometimes, when dogs go through coat changes, they can get irritated. In this case, using a brush or whatever the recommended grooming too... Read More »
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Q: What is causing my dog to scratch so much?
A: My dog had the same thing, here is what you should do: First if it's really that bad take him to your vet, they''l prescribe a medication for your dog to reliev... Read More »
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Q: What would cause a dog to scratch so much they bleed from scratch...
A: It can be mange, allergies, flies, or ticks. Thanks ERIC. Read More »
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Q: What would cause a dog to scratch, if no fleas or ticks are prese...
A: Your dog may have dry skin or allergies. You can Read More »
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