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Vet Advice: Relief for Your Dog's Itchy Skin | The Bark


Answer: Dogs itch for many different reasons, and sometimes, for no reason, and it's not uncommon for the scratching to seem worse at night, when the house is ...

Compulsive Licking, Biting, and Scratching in Dogs


Dogs scratch, lick, or chew for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from ...

What makes my dog itch? | Cesar's Way


By Henry Cerny, DVM, MS. If your dog is frequently scratching, you may suspect a problem with fleas. But fleas are far from the only cause of skin irritations and ...

How to Relieve Itching in Dogs - LoveToKnow


One of the most easily remedied causes of itching in dogs is a parasitic infection. Fleas and other insects bite at the a dog's flesh, causing him to itch and scratch.

Home Remedies For Dog Itch – THE MIRACLE CURE FOR ITCHY ...


There usually are a number of things that interact with each other to cause the itch. While a dog may be scratching, itching and chewing because fleas are biting  ...

Top 10 Reasons Your Pet May Itch - Vetstreet


Why do you scratch? Because you itch. Why do dogs or cats scratch? For the same reason. So what causes your pet's itching, licking, scratching or rubbing?

My Pet Won't Stop Chewing, Scratching, and Licking His ... - Vetstreet


Apr 24, 2014 ... Chewing, scratching, self-biting and excessive licking of paws and skin are common in dogs and cats. Learn what may be causing your pet's ...

Common Reasons for Dog Itchy Skin and Dog Scratching


Occasional itching and scratching is natural dog behavior. Problems only arise, when our dog starts to itch and scratch with extreme frequency. Common ...

Why is my Dog Itching and Scratching? – My Itchy Dog


Feb 19, 2013 ... Here are a few reasons why your dog might be scratching at its backside and chewing its paws. The skin is the largest organ in the body and so ...

Why Is My Dog Or Cat Itching & Scratching - Allergic Skin Disease


Next to fleas, allergies are the most common cause of itching and scratching in your pet. Also common, are two forms of mange, sarcoptic and demodectic which  ...

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Cat and Dog Skin Problems | Itch-And-Scratch-Bite-And-Lick! | petMD


There are really six main reasons why dogs and cats will itch and scratch. The bottom line is... don't let them suffer! There IS a diagnosis to be made and then ...

Causes of Scratching & Licking in Dogs - Pet Education


In addition to allergies, there are other diseases which can cause your dog to scratch, lick, or pull on his hair. A short description of these conditions such as ...

Dog Itching & Scratching: What Causes A Dog To Scratch All The ...


Trying to find a reason why your dog is itching and scratching lately? Here are some ideas. Plus some treatments and symptoms for dog allergies.