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Conductive deafness is caused by the failure of the three tiny bones inside the middle ear to pass along sound waves to the inner ear. Another common cause of ...

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Hearing loss can be caused by many different causes, some of which can be successfully treated with medicine or surgery, depending on the disease process.

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Age and loud noises are the most common causes of sensorineural hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss occurs when sounds are unable to pass into the inner ...

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Causes of Hearing Loss in Adults. Hearing loss in adults can either be inherited from your parents or acquired from illness, ototoxic (ear-damaging) drugs, ...

In less developed countries, the rate of hearing loss can be high because of the use of these drugs due to the lack of better alternatives. Meniere's Disease, which includes hearing loss among its symptoms, can be difficult to live with, but there is no shortage of peo... More »
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Some causes of hearing loss include damage to the inner ear, a buildup of earwax, infections and a ruptured eardrum. To understand how hearing loss occurs, ...

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Ten million people in the UK are deaf or have hearing loss. There are a number of different reasons why someone might be deaf or lose their hearing.

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Jun 25, 2015 ... Hearing loss (deafness) may be present at birth or it may manifest later in life. Deafness may be genetic or due to damage from noise.

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There are many reasons why a child can be born deaf or become deaf early in life. ... There is information on possible causes that happen before a child is born  ...

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Does loud noise cause severe hearing loss? What about medical conditions? What you should know about the causes and symptoms of severe hearing loss.

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Q: Causes of deafness?
A: too much wax in your ear Read More »
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Q: What Are the Causes of Deafness in Dogs?
A: Temporary hearing loss can occur when wax builds up inside a dog's ear canal. Breeds with narrow ear canals, including poodles, face an increased risk of this c... Read More »
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Q: What are some causes of deafness?
A: Meningitis Prebycusis Otis Media Tinnitus Pematurity Cytomegaloirus treacher collinssyndrome Waardenburg syndrome Read More »
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Q: What causes tone deafness?
A: The tone-deaf also have perfect hearing when it comes to music. However, what they perceive when they hear music is the sound of a perfect mess. Some tone-deaf ... Read More »
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Q: What caused Beethoven's deafness?
A: It is thought that Beethoven's deafness was due to a labyrinthitis. That is to say Read More »
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